Sunday, April 8, 2012

4-6-12 Period 5!

Class started as usual on Friday with a "hello everybody" followed by a "hello Smith (what's poppin)."
The fun did not last long as the class got right down to work. Friday was the last day for conferences for your Little Brother and 1984 website corrections. Also make sure you have a copy of AWNM because over the weekend the homework is to read chapters 1-3. Don't worry, it is around 60 pages. After the homework was discussed, Smith informed us all about our AWNM project. The project is called Ted Talks. In short, this is a five minute presentation on an idea worth spreading. Think hard about your idea worth spreading, it should be something you feel extremely passionate about. The difference between a TED and a TEDx video is the "x." The x stands for: independently organized event. The class will be doing TEDx videos because we are not with the official TED videos. Once again, the homework over the weekend is to read chapters 1-3 of AWND. The link to the TED video that the class viewed during school will be posted below.

HOMEWORK: read Drive excerpt "What's your Sentence?" (154-155), Read intro-3 

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