Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Period 3 Scribe 4/24/12

Today Olivia King, who was one of Smith's honors students last year, came in and talked about her TED talk and gave us advice for our TED talks.  Here are some notes from what she talked about:

-practice, especially in front of other people
-pick something that you can connect with, not what you think Smith would like
-TED talks show that it is possible to change the world
-watch lots of other TED talks
-its okay if your topic changes
-go with what you are going to benefit from the most
-time yourself, especially your slides
-it's not going to be perfect
-be satisfied with what you have
-write out your TED talk first (about 2 pages single spaced)
-impactful: changes your mind on what you are capable of
-work on it early and get the writing done as soon as possible, so you have time to practice
-if you have a topic but don't know where it will go, just work on it and it will lead you
-know what you are going to be saying and be comfortable with it, not memorized word for word
-use slides as background
-progression with slides
-talk to the audience, not the screen
-know where you are at with your slides, so you don't have to continually look back
-dress appropriate to your topic
-make sure that everything you are doing is relating back to your topic
-she just started to write, and didn't use a lot of structure at first
-hardest part of project was finding outside resources
-timing was also really hard

Olivia was very helpful and if you want more advice about your TED talk, Smith can give you some names of former students that you might be able to talk to.  The topic for your TED talk is due next Tuesday, May 1st.  Smith also linked former students' TED talks on the TED wiki, so if you would like to see Olivia's or other students' TED talks, look there.

Homework: Blog 5 is now due Thursday (this one should be on your own), read Symphony in AWNM for Thursday fishbowl, bring in an example of symphony for Friday, and there are only 19 MORE DAYS OF SCHOOL!!

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