Monday, April 9, 2012

Friday April 6, 2012

Today we spent the first part of class talking about our upcoming homework. We talked about our Romeo and Juliet presentations that are due Friday and Mrs. Smith also reminded us to download the link to Mr. Fisch’s questions for our conversation with him on Wednesday. She also assigned something new. We must ask ourselves what we want to accomplish in our lives and put it into one sentence. The last piece of homework is to read the into to chapter 3 in A Whole New Mind by Tuesday.

Next we talked about our new unit. We will be assigned to watch eight Ted Talks throughout the rest of the year and then we must blog about it on our personal blog. This is to inspire us to think about what matters to us so that we can eventually pick a topic for our own Ted Talk which will be our final in the class.

Romeo and Juliet presentation - Monday
Intro - chapter 3 - Tuesday
Mr. Fisch conversation - Wednesday
What’s Your Sentence - April 16

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