Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wednesday, March 21 Period 5

Today, class started with the usual greeting. Then we went over our homework for the night.

  • Homework:
    • Buy your own copy of A Whole New Mind if possible
      • It would be a good idea to read this over spring break if you can
    • DON'T FORGET your Wikified Research Paper Conference

Following homework review, we did the daily grammar.

if we finish our homework we will be able to go to the movie

the girl who sits between anne and me brought her lunch today

aaaaa = dependent clause
aaaaa = independent clause
*Both sentences are complex (Cx) sentences*

Then, we got in groups of 2-3 and took our Romeo and Juliet Act 4 quiz. We started reading Act 5 and finished Scenes 1 and 2. We left off on page 235 (approximately 1/2 of the way through) of Scene 3.

We also talked about the Canadian class visiting us 5th hour on April 3rd. Or as Mrs. Smith says "The Canadians are coming!" If you have 2nd lunch or 4th hour off it would be awesome it you could go in to class early to help set up. The students are planned to arrive at noon. While they are with us, all of the students in class will present different projects done throughout the year. We will be in groups and each group will have a different project. Some of these include:
  • Wonder Woman Vocab Songs
  • Banned Book Movie Trailer
  • Scribe
  • Loggel
  • Google Calender
  • Poetry Work
  • Ned Kelly/Chicago Seven/Marcus Project
  • Fishbowl/Live Blogging
  • Wikified Research Paper
  • Cory Doctorow Skype Session

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