Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Scribe Period 3 Wednesday 4/25/12

Happy Wednesday Everyone! Today was an informational day regarding scheduling for our sophomore year classes.

Important Dates to Remember:

May 4th- This is when your REGISTRATION SHEET you got today, along with your LOCKER PARTNER FORM is due
May 18th  12:00-4:00 - This is the final day of finals and is Arena Scheduling day from 12- 4
*Arena Scheduling is where you will go from class table to class table trying to get your different classes and register for them.
 For Arena Scheduling:
-make sure to bring packet so you can write down your classes
-bring master course schedule
-bring alternate course sheet
-bring a pencil
-remember that it may take some time to get a schedule worked out
-don’t be upset if you don’t get you “perfect” schedule, it may not work out for you to get every class you want.
-Arena Scheduling DOES NOT GUARENTEE that you will get your first choice on classes or teachers
- Also make sure on you schedule that you have the teacher's name and class number written down!
Here is the Arena Scheduling Procedure:
                Time Schedule:

Group 1
N, O, P, Q,R
Group 2
T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z
Group 3
H, I, J, K
Group 4
E, F, G
Group 5
L, M
Group 6
A, B
Group 7
C, D
Group 8

*Specific times will be announced later
Questions asked and extra info about today:
1. Remember you may have no more than 2 off hours in a row, if this is a problem for some of you Mrs. Smith is always looking for student assistants!
2. Chemistry Lab is 2 hours long
3.  Most colleges like to see 2-3 years of a World Language

1. Blog 5 (your choice blog)
2. Read Symphony for tomorrow
3. Bring in an example of Symphony for Friday  
If you need that packet from today ask Mrs. Smith!

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