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Friday, May 11, 2012

Scribe 5th Hour May 11

Today was the last day of actual school for the '11-'12 school year. Woohoo! Next week is finals, and the time will go by fast and furious! So be sure you are prepared for the final effort! 5th hour today started with the perfunctory, "Hello class!" "Hello Smith!" Immediately following, our assignment notebooks were pulled out, and this weekend's homework was written down in them. This entails practicing our TED Talk over the course of the minuscule break. Work on it tonight (Friday) and  twice on Saturday. However, take Sunday OFF! We have all been working our tails off, so we all deserve this much needed break! Although it is only for one day, this short block of time will allow our minds to marinate in the information already absorbed. This will prove very beneficial come time to give our finals on Wednesday! After the weekend, practice a few times during the week before Wednesday. After writing this one simple, yet very crucial piece of preparation down, we moved on. Quickly we transitioned into our last work day until we give our TED Talk. Also, several people came up to Mrs. Smith’s computer to test out their slides to make sure that they worked. Our last time in English 9 Honors Period 5, Room C11 went pretty well, I’d say. Have a good weekend, and an awesome summer!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thursday, May 10 Scribe- Smith Period 5

"Hello class!" "Hello...Troy?" That's how class started today, with Troy leading us through our agenda and homework for the day. 

The rest of the class period, we had time to get work done on our TED Talks. Smith went around and answered any questions and looked over speeches, while everyone buckled down to finalize their slides and get to know their speech. 

Tomorrow is the last class of the year ;( so come in prepared with slides and be ready some more work done!


  • Don't forget, we are supposed to practice our slides tomorrow, so be sure to bring some in (even if its only 4 or 5). 
  • Presentations are next Wednesday, so keep rehearsing that speech!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Scribe, May 9th, Period 5

Class started with a jolly, "Hello Class!", and then we quickly jumped into our fishbowl discussing 'Meaning' for the rest of the class.
Our only homework is preparing for our TED Talk NEXT WEEK. Enjoy your evening and practice, practice, practice!

AWNM Meaning Period 5- Use this one

AWNM Meaning Period 5

iframe src="" scrolling="no" height="550px" width="400px" frameBorder ="0" allowTransparency="true" >AWNM Meaning Period 5

AWNM Meaning Period 3

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May 8th Period 5 Scribe

After greeting the class with an enthusiastic, "Hello Class/What's poppin' ", Mrs. Smith gave us the last chapter we will read from Daniel Pink's book, Drive. She then introduced our homework:

  • Read “Meaning” from A Whole New Mind. Our fishbowl will be Tomorrow!
  • Read Meaning, Read "Type I and Type X"
  • Practice your TED Talk!!

It was a pretty simple class period! Good luck with your homework and have a good Tuesday night!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Scribe May 7, 2012

Today was a productive, but not stressful day in class. As always, period 5 started with a jolly, “Hello class!” “Hello Smith!”, of course a “what’s poppin?” was not forgotten either! After a quick greeting, homework was recorded in our assignment notebooks.
Here it is:

  • Read “Meaning” from A Whole New Mind. Our fishbowl will be on Wednesday.
  • Start putting together the slides for your TED Talk. Make sure they are ready for Friday, since we will be testing to see if they work then.
After homework was written down, everyone transitioned to today’s fishbowl on Play and Empathy. I would say it was very successful. There were multiple uproars of excitement, and it seemed everyone came prepared. The whole time, conversations were active- both in coveritlive and the inner circle. In fact, Smith actually had to redirect us to move on with our topics of discussion. Everyone had so much to say regardless of the topic!

That’s it, everyone! Until tomorrow, have a great evening! Try not to stress out, and get a good night’s rest for tomorrow!

AWNM Play/Empathy Period 5

AWNM Play/Empathy Period 3

Friday, May 4, 2012

Scribe Period 5 - Friday, May 4, 2012

Thank you, Mr. Pink!

Today was a pretty low-key day for us. Near the beginning of class, we discussed homework and the Skyping with Pink. The conversations were very intuitive and appealing, it was a great day. Smith has a picture slideshow posted down the page on the events of today. After discussion, it was just a work day for our TED talks. Smith’s TED calendar states that students should consider organizing their intro through first point tonight, their intro through second point Saturday, and their intro through third point on Sunday. Smith wants us to get practicing by next week so our talks to be as good as possible. Other than that, we have a fishbowl on Monday for Empathy and Play, so get reading and writing!

Pink gave us a few tips on our TED talks during the Skyping:
1.     You need to prepare for speech without over preparing; it will end up sounding artificial if you have it memorized
2.     You need to say something meaningful – 1 BIG CENTRALIZED IDEA
3.     It has to come from YOU, it must be passionate and well prepared

For other information about today or to see next week’s agenda, visit:

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dan Pink

Scribe Period 5 May 3 2012

Hello class! Today we started by taking out our schedules for next year and having Smith sign it for those of us who have chosen to continue along the path of what we know as HONORS


 Following that, we watched Celebrate What's Right in the World which is somewhat similar to a TED talk, made by a man who is a national Geographic photographer. His video is about how when you look at the world, focus on what's right, that will open up your mind to all sorts of new opportunities. The power of this video I myself cannot express through words, but you must see it. In the end, his lasting quote was, "You don't know what's going to happen or where it's going to go, you just have to go out and do it."


We finished with sharing our TED ideas with the class so if you haven't shared be sure you have the intent to meet with Smith, this is a ten point participation grade. following the 15 second awkward silence........we worked on our intro to our talks.

 TED Talk Order:
1 . Hunter (ME FIRST!!!)
2. Cassi
3. Sarah
4. Zoe C.
5. Nipski
6. Sam Reed
7. Andrew N.
8. Joey H.
9. Rachael B
10. Marco
11. Zoey H.
12. Sanjay P
13. Emily H
14. Amanda F.
15. Ellie Pebbles
16. Maddie Dorman
17. Taylor Duryea
18. Emily
19. Mackenzie
20. Brooke Engel
21. Coleslaw Weaselman
22. Lauren L
23. Madison Trujillo
24. Roy Golding
25. Colin B.
26. Megan
27. Jeremy
28. Maddie M
29. Brian

Homework: meet in Forum, Bring technology to fishbowl, Read Play, Read Special Circumstances, TED 8 due tomorrow, Empathy/Play fishbowl Monday

Scribe Period 3 - May 3, 2012

     Hello fellow students of Smith's period 3 class. Today we started by briefly discussing our homework and the plan for the TED talks. We also signed up for the order of the TED talks. This list is below:

1. Grant
2. Jacqueline
3. Delaney
4. Alison
5. Shannon
6. James
7. Amber
8. Jordan
9. Monica
10. Alex D.
11. Sean
12. Alex B.
13. Savannah
14. Bekah
15. Liz
16. Macy
17. Emily
18. Emma
19. Annabelle
20. Ruthie

(Make sure you know when you're going!)

-Emma also asked us to e-mail her our ideas about her mirror TED talks. We spent the rest of the period watching a film that was similar to a TED talk called Celebrating What is Right With Life. Don't forget to do your homework!

Homework: TED blog 8, read Play and Empathy in AWNM and the excerpt from Drive for fishbowl on Monday, and the organization and introduction of your TED talks.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Scribe Period Wed, 3 May 2

PLC day!!! Some extra much needed sleep was enjoyed by all. Today,we discussed the time frame and short-term goals we should have for our TED Talks.

May 1 and 2- Focus on solidifying and breaking down topic
May 3- Organize. Break it into a thesis and work on your intro. Especially your attention getter, or your "What Matters."
May 4- Organize. Intro through first point.
Weekend- Intro through third point.
May 7- Intro through end
May 8- Rehearse intro through one with slides
May 9- Through two with slides
May 10- Through 3 with slides
May 11- Mandatory rehearsal day of entire speech with slides
Weekend- Smith recommends practicing twice on Saturday and taking a break on Sunday
May 14- Practice once

Smith told us the best speeches she's seen were passionate and for the most part completely memorized. Try to have your speech mostly written by Monday so you have a whole week for memorization and slides. But her main advice was this: Don't look past each day's task. Decide the one thing you need to focus on each day.

For homework, read Empathy, Play, and the Special Circumstances excerpt from Drive. Also, the eighth and final TED blog is due Friday. 

Scribe Period 5 May 2nd

PLC DAY! Sleep in and short classes! 

Today we got the drive excerpt "...and the Special Circumstance When They Do" and introduced the TED Talk Outline:

5/1-5/2: Ted Topic (breaking down topic, subpoints, TED wish, TED challenge, feedback from class)
5/3 Organization of TED talk, break into outline format, work on intro (Attention getter and what matters)
5/4 Organize TED talk, intro through first point
5/5 Organize TED talk, intro-2nd
5/6 Organize TED, intro-3rd
5/7 Intro-4th, possibly conclusion, begin slideshow work
5/8 Intro-1st rehearsed w/slides
5/9 Intro-2nd w/slides
5/10 Intro-3rd w/slides
5/11 Entire Speech rehearsed w/slides, mandatory slide-practice (testing to make sure slids work on Smith's computer)
5/12 Rehearse twice
5/13 Practice once before finals
Slide shows should NOT text heavy, or change colors of KEY works.
After introducing the calender and TED plan, we continued the TED talk topic discussion to assist each other in shaping our ideas for the TED talk.

Good Luck and Stay Stress Free

Homework: TED 8 (Last one! Finish strong!), TED talk, Read Play (AWNM), and read drive excerpt "Special Circumstances..."

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Scribe Period 5 Tuesday, May 1

After a hearty greeting, the class moved right into the next item on the agenda. The class gave feedback on each other’s ideas and many great concepts for the upcoming TED Talks were introduced.
Some of the ideas brought up were:
·         Making sure to get exercise
·         Inner beauty
·         The effects of sleep deprivation
·         Anxiety
Make sure to consider including some of these attributes to your speech!
·         Give background
·         Use outside sources to add validity
·         Try and keep the topic from becoming too broad
·         Attempt to have a topic that can relate to the audience
·         Incorporate the audience and possibly make it interactive
·         Use stories and specific examples
·         Make sure it is a topic you can relate to
·         Leave the audience with a challenge or a wish
·         Leave the audience with a lasting impression

  • Read Empathy and Play
  • Blog #6 due tomorrow (Dave Eggers)

Have a great night and get ready to sleep in tomorrow morning!