Thursday, May 3, 2012

Scribe Period 5 May 3 2012

Hello class! Today we started by taking out our schedules for next year and having Smith sign it for those of us who have chosen to continue along the path of what we know as HONORS


 Following that, we watched Celebrate What's Right in the World which is somewhat similar to a TED talk, made by a man who is a national Geographic photographer. His video is about how when you look at the world, focus on what's right, that will open up your mind to all sorts of new opportunities. The power of this video I myself cannot express through words, but you must see it. In the end, his lasting quote was, "You don't know what's going to happen or where it's going to go, you just have to go out and do it."


We finished with sharing our TED ideas with the class so if you haven't shared be sure you have the intent to meet with Smith, this is a ten point participation grade. following the 15 second awkward silence........we worked on our intro to our talks.

 TED Talk Order:
1 . Hunter (ME FIRST!!!)
2. Cassi
3. Sarah
4. Zoe C.
5. Nipski
6. Sam Reed
7. Andrew N.
8. Joey H.
9. Rachael B
10. Marco
11. Zoey H.
12. Sanjay P
13. Emily H
14. Amanda F.
15. Ellie Pebbles
16. Maddie Dorman
17. Taylor Duryea
18. Emily
19. Mackenzie
20. Brooke Engel
21. Coleslaw Weaselman
22. Lauren L
23. Madison Trujillo
24. Roy Golding
25. Colin B.
26. Megan
27. Jeremy
28. Maddie M
29. Brian

Homework: meet in Forum, Bring technology to fishbowl, Read Play, Read Special Circumstances, TED 8 due tomorrow, Empathy/Play fishbowl Monday

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