Monday, May 7, 2012

AWNM Play/Empathy Period 5

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  1. Pink thouroughly evaluates the positives that come from using aspects of play in more serious situations, but might there be any negatives? Is it possible that, if used wrong, it can become too distracting?

    How often is empathy faked in society and what actions should people take to become more empathetic?

    Marco: I feel that aside from our personal lives, play and empathy do not have a great enough role in society. Play especially seems to be viewed as unprofessional in society, preventing it from receiving an established place there.

    Jeremy: I think this can be viewed as strange by some due to the stereotypical views of femininity and masculinity despite the fact that it shouldn't. I personally felt that Pink emphasized the hardwiring of the brain supporting these views a bit too much, giving the reader mixed signals.

    Brian: I believe play can be just as bad a motivator as money. I find that when I'm working and reward myself with some time on my iPod or computer during a break, it makes going back to work even harder. Too much play can make an environment too relaxed and in turn, those there lose interest in the work that needs to be done.

    Sarah: I actually believe that people are born without empathy and it is something they must learn as they develop and grow. To me, it's similar to how children must learn good manners and appropriate behavior.

    Emily M: I don't believe right brained people are put down so to say, but they are without question undervalued in society. I don't know about you, but I hear so much more about struggling artists, musicians, writers, etc. than struggling programmers and accountants. Studies have shown that it takes an artist roughly 14 years after they graduate from college with degrees in the field to find a steady job pertaining to their art. These right-brained professions produce what most view as luxuries rather than necessities, something I think to be untrue. What's the point in living when you cannot be surrounded by thought-provoking beauty?