Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Scribe Period Wed, 3 May 2

PLC day!!! Some extra much needed sleep was enjoyed by all. Today,we discussed the time frame and short-term goals we should have for our TED Talks.

May 1 and 2- Focus on solidifying and breaking down topic
May 3- Organize. Break it into a thesis and work on your intro. Especially your attention getter, or your "What Matters."
May 4- Organize. Intro through first point.
Weekend- Intro through third point.
May 7- Intro through end
May 8- Rehearse intro through one with slides
May 9- Through two with slides
May 10- Through 3 with slides
May 11- Mandatory rehearsal day of entire speech with slides
Weekend- Smith recommends practicing twice on Saturday and taking a break on Sunday
May 14- Practice once

Smith told us the best speeches she's seen were passionate and for the most part completely memorized. Try to have your speech mostly written by Monday so you have a whole week for memorization and slides. But her main advice was this: Don't look past each day's task. Decide the one thing you need to focus on each day.

For homework, read Empathy, Play, and the Special Circumstances excerpt from Drive. Also, the eighth and final TED blog is due Friday. 

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