Monday, May 7, 2012

Scribe May 7, 2012

Today was a productive, but not stressful day in class. As always, period 5 started with a jolly, “Hello class!” “Hello Smith!”, of course a “what’s poppin?” was not forgotten either! After a quick greeting, homework was recorded in our assignment notebooks.
Here it is:

  • Read “Meaning” from A Whole New Mind. Our fishbowl will be on Wednesday.
  • Start putting together the slides for your TED Talk. Make sure they are ready for Friday, since we will be testing to see if they work then.
After homework was written down, everyone transitioned to today’s fishbowl on Play and Empathy. I would say it was very successful. There were multiple uproars of excitement, and it seemed everyone came prepared. The whole time, conversations were active- both in coveritlive and the inner circle. In fact, Smith actually had to redirect us to move on with our topics of discussion. Everyone had so much to say regardless of the topic!

That’s it, everyone! Until tomorrow, have a great evening! Try not to stress out, and get a good night’s rest for tomorrow!

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