Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Scribe Period 5 Tuesday, May 1

After a hearty greeting, the class moved right into the next item on the agenda. The class gave feedback on each other’s ideas and many great concepts for the upcoming TED Talks were introduced.
Some of the ideas brought up were:
·         Making sure to get exercise
·         Inner beauty
·         The effects of sleep deprivation
·         Anxiety
Make sure to consider including some of these attributes to your speech!
·         Give background
·         Use outside sources to add validity
·         Try and keep the topic from becoming too broad
·         Attempt to have a topic that can relate to the audience
·         Incorporate the audience and possibly make it interactive
·         Use stories and specific examples
·         Make sure it is a topic you can relate to
·         Leave the audience with a challenge or a wish
·         Leave the audience with a lasting impression

  • Read Empathy and Play
  • Blog #6 due tomorrow (Dave Eggers)

Have a great night and get ready to sleep in tomorrow morning!

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