Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Scribe Period 5 May 2nd

PLC DAY! Sleep in and short classes! 

Today we got the drive excerpt "...and the Special Circumstance When They Do" and introduced the TED Talk Outline:

5/1-5/2: Ted Topic (breaking down topic, subpoints, TED wish, TED challenge, feedback from class)
5/3 Organization of TED talk, break into outline format, work on intro (Attention getter and what matters)
5/4 Organize TED talk, intro through first point
5/5 Organize TED talk, intro-2nd
5/6 Organize TED, intro-3rd
5/7 Intro-4th, possibly conclusion, begin slideshow work
5/8 Intro-1st rehearsed w/slides
5/9 Intro-2nd w/slides
5/10 Intro-3rd w/slides
5/11 Entire Speech rehearsed w/slides, mandatory slide-practice (testing to make sure slids work on Smith's computer)
5/12 Rehearse twice
5/13 Practice once before finals
Slide shows should NOT text heavy, or change colors of KEY works.
After introducing the calender and TED plan, we continued the TED talk topic discussion to assist each other in shaping our ideas for the TED talk.

Good Luck and Stay Stress Free

Homework: TED 8 (Last one! Finish strong!), TED talk, Read Play (AWNM), and read drive excerpt "Special Circumstances..."

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