Friday, May 4, 2012

Scribe Period 5 - Friday, May 4, 2012

Thank you, Mr. Pink!

Today was a pretty low-key day for us. Near the beginning of class, we discussed homework and the Skyping with Pink. The conversations were very intuitive and appealing, it was a great day. Smith has a picture slideshow posted down the page on the events of today. After discussion, it was just a work day for our TED talks. Smith’s TED calendar states that students should consider organizing their intro through first point tonight, their intro through second point Saturday, and their intro through third point on Sunday. Smith wants us to get practicing by next week so our talks to be as good as possible. Other than that, we have a fishbowl on Monday for Empathy and Play, so get reading and writing!

Pink gave us a few tips on our TED talks during the Skyping:
1.     You need to prepare for speech without over preparing; it will end up sounding artificial if you have it memorized
2.     You need to say something meaningful – 1 BIG CENTRALIZED IDEA
3.     It has to come from YOU, it must be passionate and well prepared

For other information about today or to see next week’s agenda, visit:

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