Friday, May 11, 2012

Scribe 5th Hour May 11

Today was the last day of actual school for the '11-'12 school year. Woohoo! Next week is finals, and the time will go by fast and furious! So be sure you are prepared for the final effort! 5th hour today started with the perfunctory, "Hello class!" "Hello Smith!" Immediately following, our assignment notebooks were pulled out, and this weekend's homework was written down in them. This entails practicing our TED Talk over the course of the minuscule break. Work on it tonight (Friday) and  twice on Saturday. However, take Sunday OFF! We have all been working our tails off, so we all deserve this much needed break! Although it is only for one day, this short block of time will allow our minds to marinate in the information already absorbed. This will prove very beneficial come time to give our finals on Wednesday! After the weekend, practice a few times during the week before Wednesday. After writing this one simple, yet very crucial piece of preparation down, we moved on. Quickly we transitioned into our last work day until we give our TED Talk. Also, several people came up to Mrs. Smith’s computer to test out their slides to make sure that they worked. Our last time in English 9 Honors Period 5, Room C11 went pretty well, I’d say. Have a good weekend, and an awesome summer!

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