Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thursday November 10, 2011 Scribe
As always our Period 5 English Class begun with the perfunctory, “Hello Smith!” After that we quickly progressed into writing our homework down in our planners.
  • During class today we: finished editing TIB essays, took the Act Two quiz over Inherit the Wind, and begun reading Act Three. Also, SAT 8 work and quiz was returned.
  • HW included: SAT exercises due tomorrow-we will be taking the SAT quiz, Finalize your This I Believe Essay-we will place it in the dropbox tomorrow during class, Podcast of TIB essay due Wednesday
In regards to submitting the finalized version of your TIB essay during class tomorrow:
The location of the dropbox is (Go to start) Sm/Period 6/Dropbox (Yes, it is period 6, not 5-there is no dropbox for 5!)
Save paper and podcast as your first name with last initial (i.e. AudrinaP.mp3)
*Only use your first name and last initial, not written out. We don’t want you to be available for the whole world to stalk!*
Pertaining to How to Podcast:
  1. Go to school library, visit front desk and politely ask to check out a USB headset, enter editing room
  2. Plug both headset and your own flashdrive into computer
  3. Open Audacity and record your essay (Make sure you speak up when recording! No tiny mouse voices!)
  4. When done recording, go File/Save/File export as mp3 (Make sure that when file is saved, it looks like an iTunes insignia-not Audacity’s insignia.
  5. Be sure that file is on your flashdrive.
Alright, that’s it everyone! Wow, we’ve been so busy lately-at least tomorrow’s Friday! Woohoo! Have a great Friday and an awesome weekend! J

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