Thursday, November 10, 2011

Period 5 11-9-11

Hello class! Sorry this is a bit late!
Our homework for Wednesday was our This I Believe redos, pushed back to Friday, as well as SAT 9, and our TIB podcasts, due Wednesday the 16th.

To turn in essay redos, you need to open the "Classes" file on the server and find Mrs. Smith's. We have to use the 6th hour drop box because ours disappeared mysteriously. Be sure to save you essay as your first name and last initial ONLY (also remember not to put your last name anywhere in your essay).

Smith also went over how to make our podcasts:

  • practice! Be sure to highlight certain portions to give signals to speed up, slow down, act excited, etc.
  • you can check out USB recording headphones from the library (or use your own). The editing room in the library is also available if you need a quiet place to record.
  • you can use Audacity or another program to record your podcast.
  • Make sure your file is saved as an mp3 file. In audacity, go to file, then export as an mp3. If you use another program, you can use Zamzar to convert it
  • make sure you are LOUD when you record
Today was SAT question day
Exercise 1, question 1: fourth blank: machinations, fifth blank: finesse, sixth blank: heterogeneous, seventh blank: sapient, eighth blank: grandiose, ninth blank: idiosyncrasy
Exercise 3, question 3: verbatim, verbose, kill words with bad writing
Identifying Sentence errors

problem 3: D, should be “is when one”
problem 4: A, A lot of people
problem 9: A

We began to peer edit our This I Believe essay, but only go through one round.

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