Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Smith Period 3

Hello class! Today was a PLC day so classes were shorter, but we still had plenty to accomplish today in class.
Tomorrow the This I believe Essays are due. They need to be drop boxed into Mrs. Smith’s box by tomorrow.  Remember DO NOT put your full name on the paper. When drop boxing save the essay as your first and last name. A week from today the TIB Podcasts are due, here are some tips of how you can record this at school:
1.       Get headset from library
2.       Record Essay in editing room
3.       Use Audacity to record
4.       And finally save as MP3
5.       Drop box into Mrs. Smith’s box with your first and last name

Next in class we went over SAT questions:
Exercise 3 #3
Kill words
Exercise 3 #2
Thrusting in
Thrusting out
Exercise 1, 2nd paragraph
Exercise 1 paragraph 1
Blank #6- Heterogeneous
Blank #7- Sapient
 Exercise 5 #2
After SAT questions we did peer edits on our TIB essays. Here is the criteria for the essays:
This I Believe editing
  • Tells a story
  • Positive
  • Statement of belief in one sentence (without saying This I Believe or I believe)
  • Be personal
  • Be brief (350-500)
  • Powerful lead-in
  • Support for your topic- examples?
  • Show, don't tell 
  • Imagery 
  • No cliche, abstract ideas or expressions 
  • Avoid preaching "we"

1.      Finish SAT Exercises
2.      Study for vocab quiz on Friday
3.      Finish TIB essay

Have a GREAT night, and see you all bright and early again tomorrow!

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