Friday, November 18, 2011

Scribe for Period 3 11/18/11

"HELLO CLASS!" "HELLO SMITH!" We started off the morning with the normal greeting.  We then turned in our SAT 10 exercises and took the SAT 10 quiz.  The quiz had the word, definition, part of speech and the synonym.  Then we took out the big brown books and read book 23 in the Odyssey by Homer.  After reading, we discussed the book.  Some things we discussed were:

Penelope tests Odysseus to see if he really was who he said he was.  Penelope says that they will move the bed for him to sleep on, knowing that only the real Odysseus will know that the bed can not be moved.  He then tells her that the bed can not be removed, and they are reunited at last. 

Then we went to the Fischbowl and looked at one of the posts.  The link is:

The post is about the Purpose of School.  Then we helped out the students by filling out a form.  The form is on the Fischbowl, but the link is:

After filling out the form, we read each others This I Believe essays and gave each other feedback/compliments on their essays. 

Homework is to have your parents sign the 1984/Little Brother letter.  This letter is not due at a certain, but Smith encouraged us to turn it in as soon as possible.  Smith also said that if we would like to read ahead in 1984 over Thanksgiving break, that we could, but it is not mandatory.


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