Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Period 3, 11/16/11

First, we turned in our This I Believe recordings during class. Remember, drop it in the class drop box and save as your name (remember to convert it to an mp3).

Today was the Lesson 10 SAT question day. These are the questions Mrs. Smith clarified....
Exercise 1
    #2 2nd blank- Onus
    #2 3rd blank- Caveat
    #2 4th blank- Impious
Exercise 3
#3- Lecture; Recollect.
    #2- Collector; Select
    #4- Renege
Exercise 5
    #3- B

After that, we continued to read the Odyssey. We started midway through Book 9 (page 496) and finished halfway through Book 10. In Book 9, Odysseus re-accounted everything that had happened to him since the end of the war. He was held by Calypso, tempted by Lotus Eaters, and threatened by a Cyclops. Odysseus beats the Cyclops through his cleverness, but the Cyclops curses him and asks Poseidon to prevent Odysseus to return home. So far in Book 10, Odysseus confronted the goddess Circe.

For homework: Do SAT exercises and study the words. Also, have your parents sign the permission form for Little Brother. If you were absent, see Mrs. Smith to get the permission slip.

If you want to see the schedule, visit this link.

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