Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Period 3 Scribe for 11/2

NO SNOW DAY TODAY :( We started off with "Hello Class!" "Hello Smith!" though.  We went over the SAT 8 exercises.  The ones we went over were:

Exercise 1
1. martinet, censured
3. third blank: carcinogen

Exercise 3
2. proceed, succeed
3. translation, across

Exercise 5: Critical Reading
1. B: affirmative
2.  B: autonomous administration
3.  C: charter schools challenge both average and above-average students.
9. B: properly distributing state funds
10. B: passage 1 has a confident tone, while passage 2 is uncertain.

 After SAT questions, we discussed some background information on Inherit the Wind.  At the time it was illegal to teach evolution in public schools because of the Butler Act of 1925.  Some background information to know consists of:
1925                 Reality:                             In the Play:
Town:               Dayton, TN                      Hillsboro/small town (not too long ago)
Prosecutor:       William Jennings Bryan      Matthew Harrison Brady
Defense:           Clarence Darrow               Henry Drummond
Defendant:        John Scopes                      Bertram Cates
Reporter:          H.L. Mencken                   E.K. Hornbeck

We then acted out the first act of Inherit the Wind. 

Homework is SAT 8, exercises, This I Believe essays due next Wed and paper redos due by Friday.

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