Wednesday, November 2, 2011

11/2/11 Period 5 Scribe

It's Wednesday! As usual we sat down in  Ms. Smith's class to a loud, "Hello classs!" We all answered back with a jolly, "Hello Smith!"
-SAT 8 exercises
-SAT quiz- the quiz will be the same format as last week, word, definition, part of speech, and synonyms
-This I Believe essays due a week from today, November 9th
-Paper redos need to be turned in by friday- make sure to have the old paper and new paper along with the rubric!

Today was a SAT question day for SAT Vocabulary Lesson 8. These were the exercises we went over in class...

Exercise 3:
2. proceed, yield/stop
3. translator, across

Exercise 5- Critical Thinking:
3. C. Charter schools challenge both average adn above-average students.
4. D. They fail to match the standards of charter schools.
9. B. Properly distributing state funds.
10.B. Passage 1 has a confident tone, while passage 2 is uncertain.
Note: While doing critical thinking exercises, read the question prior to reading the passage and reread the passage if necessary.

After SAT questions we went onto a history lesson about how Inherit the Wind came to be. In 1925 the Butler Act was put into action. The act restricted any teaching of Charles Darwin's theory of evolution. In 1925 a young substitute teacher named John Scopes, was arrested for the teaching evolution and his trial became known as the Scopes Monkey Trial. The trial fought for the right of people being able to think for themselves. Inherit the Wind is based off of this trial. Here are the roles that are based of off the real trial that were transformed into someone new.
The Scopes Trial                                                               Inherit the Wind
Town- Dayton, TN 1925                                          Hillsboro/small town, long ago
Prosecuter- William Jennings Bryan                      Matthew Harrison Brady
Defense- Clarenece Darrow                                   Henry Drummond
Defendant- John Scopes                                        Bertram Cates
Reporter- H.L. Mencken                                          E.K. Hornbeck

Next we started reading the first act of Inherit the Wind. I would like to say that we are all fabulous actors!

Reminders: Make sure you have an Inherit the Wind book checked out, if you do not have a copy of your own, and turn in your Fahrenheit 451 books!

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