Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Smith Period 5

Hola, hola! We came into Smith's class, got our laptops out, sat it our seats, and got to work. Our work consisted of reading Inherit the Wind (do you italicize plays?). We read all the way to the end of Act II, where Drummond finally found a problem with Brady's plan and there seems to be some hope for Cates. After we finished reading, we spent the rest of class discussing questions and thoughts about the play and the different sides of the story.

Backtrack to before the reading and you come to the homework, which is FINISH  YOUR THIS I BELIEVE ESSAY BECAUSE IT IS DUE TOMORROW. We also asked some questions about the essay. Remember to really get your point across about your belief. You want to tell a story, but you want the belief to be the main focus, not your story. And, of course, follow the five rules, which you can find here. This may also help you out: the thing that might also help you out.

We finished the class off with new seats, so make sure to check for that. Have a great Tuesday! (Also, remember the Link crew movie night at South Glenn is tonight!)

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