Friday, November 4, 2011

Smith Period 5-Friday, November 4, 2011

Yes folks, it's finally here... FRIDAY!!!

As class started today, the familiar "Hello Class!" was not heard (gasp!).
Mrs. Smith was tired, and had lost her voice, so we were greeted by a simple wave of the hand.
Of course, we still responded with the enthusiastic "Hello Smith!" and the jam-packed class had blasted-off!

We started out by turning in our homework, SAT 8 exercises and our new and improved essay redoes.

Next, we began taking the first of our three quizzes for the day, the SAT 8 quiz, which we worked on alone.
Then, we took both the Scene 1 and Scene 2 quizzes from our new piece of literature, Inherit the Wind. For this section, we could work with a partner, or a group of three.

After we conquered these quizzes, it was back to our seats to work on our next Reality Check.
Here are the questions we answered...
-How’s it going? Really, how’s it going?
-What’s one thing that is going well for you? Tell me about it.
-What’s one thing that is really challenging for you? Tell me about it.
-How can I help?
If you missed class, please bring these in on Monday to turn in to Mrs. Smith.

Mrs. Smith also gave us a tip sheet to help with writing our This I Believe essays.
The link to the sheet can be found on Smith's website, under the This I Believe section.
For more help, you can also visit the This I Believe official website.

On Monday, we will continue to read Inherit the Wind!

Homework: This I Believe Essays are due on Wednesday, November 9.
SAT 9 exercises are due Friday, November 11.

Finally, here are some fun facts about this day in history...
  • In 1842, Abraham Lincoln married his wife, Mary Todd
  • In 1922, the entrance to King Tut's tomb was located
  • In 2008, Barack Obama won the presidential election, becoming the first African-American President of the United States

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