Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Scribe for 11/30 Period 3

We were greeted this morning with "Salutations Students" from the announcements.  We then went over our homework and then immediately got to work on our Loggel presentations.  Remember that all writing is due Thursday so that the editors can have time to edit before they are due on Tuesday.  Also to upload videos from YouTube on the Loggel, you must download a YouTube downloader.  From there you can download the video to the downloader, so you can then download the video.  Then you go into Loggel and upload the video.  Then the video will play in the presentation.  If you have any questions about this, please see Jordan or Smith.  Jordan has also volunteered to convert any videos if need be.  Please send the URLs to him over Google Docs.  We also have a discussion on pages 1-69 in 1984 on Friday.  You need only 1 question for this discussion.

Homework: read in 1984 pg. 1-37, gather 2 political cartoons, 1 from the 1930-1950 era and 1 from modern day 2011.  These cartoons need to be in color so that they can help drive the discussion for tomorrow.  If you haven't turned in your 1084/Little Brother letter, these are also due.  Loggel presentations are due Tuesday, but for our class the writing is due TOMORROW, Thursday!!!  Media also needs to be done by Saturday so that the editors can check if it works or not. 

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