Thursday, November 3, 2011

Smith Period 3 - Thursday, November 3, 2011

As always, after saying the pledge and listening to the morning announcements, we began our day saying "Hello class" and a response of "Hello Smith." Then we got right to work as we had a goal of finishing Act 1 of Inherit the Wind today. After finishing both scenes in the act, we discussed the importance and meaning of the act and thing said during the act. We decided:

Scene 1 – Townspeople are biased in favor of Matthew Harrison Brady, and Hornbeck comes as a shock with his big-city beliefs and ideas. When speaking with Rachel, Hornbeck says “Wake up sleeping beauty," showing his belief that there are no ordinary people anymore. The act also shows that progress is taking over in society, whether people like it or not. Hornbeck demonstrates the huge difference between cities and small town, symbolized by his more poetic speech. Hornbeck also compares Hillsboro to heaven without Drummond, but hell once Drummond arrives.

Scene 2 – It is discovered that Brady and Drummond recognize abilities in each other and although Brady disagrees with Drummond doesn’t hate him as a person. However, Brady doesn’t care for Drummond because instead of defending his defendant, he puts the law on trial, and he worries Drummond will do the same with this case. Drummond is concerned because of Brady's following that includes the judge. Drummond says murdering wives’ tales worse than murder because wives' tales are ingrained as part of beliefs. Lawerence and Lee reveal the differences between Bert, Drummond, and Rachel, which is the right to think for themselves and caring about what others think of them. Drummond says that standing when everyone else is sitting down is the most lonely thing, symbolically meaning that standing up for what you believe in is hard and often unpopular, and that people need to be defined by what they believe of themselves not by what they do. The statement is also literal in terms of a courtroom.

Homework: 'This I Believe' essay due next Wednesday, SAT 8 quiz Tomorrow, SAT 8 exercises due tomorrow, Paper redos due Tomorrow

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