Monday, November 7, 2011

Period 05-November 7th, 2011

The start of class came with the tone of the bell today and we anxiously awaited an introduction from our substitute teacher: Mr. Rosenberg. Once we learned a bit more about him, he explained our homework:
1) Complete SAT Lesson Nine exercises; due Friday
2) This I Believe essay; due Wednesday (Remember to follow each of the guidelines given to us by and look at Smith's handout for tips)

We then jumped right into Lesson Nine's vocab words: Machination, pejorative, harbinger, nubile, sapient, chimerical, masochist, finesse, heterogeneous, eclectic, grandiose, raiment, blanch, hybrid, and idiosyncrasy. Mr. Rosenberg gave a brief description of each word (in addition to their definition) in order to help us grasp a better understanding of their meanings.

After that, Brooke assigned our parts for Act II of Inherit the Wind. We then spent the remaining class time reading, leaving off at page 93.

We really missed you today, Smith!

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