Thursday, November 10, 2011

Smith Period 3, November 10th

Hello  to all students of Mrs. Smith's 3rd period Honors class.  Today in class, we were given the agenda as usual, along with a preview of what the rest of this week is going to look like, leading into next week. The agenda pertaining to today included:
- Further editing on the TIB essays, due date moved to tomorrow (Friday the 11th)
- Finish Act 2 quiz

Friday- Read Act 3, SAT 9 quiz, Act 3 quiz

Monday- Guided discussion on Inherit the Wind

Tuesday- Book 9 (Odyssey)

Wednesday- 9/10

Thursday- 12, 21-23

Friday- 21-23

The "This I Believe" essay due date has been changed to tomorrow, (Friday the 11th) so come to class prepared to electronically turn in your paper.
Homework for the night includes:
-Podcast for the TIB essay, SAT exercises and quiz
Homework for the weekend:
-Podcast for TIB due Wednesday.

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