Friday, November 4, 2011

Smith Period 3, 11/4/11


Today in class we started out with a whispered “Hello, Smith” because Mrs. Smith had lost her voice. After that, we looked at the schedule (see the link below).
If you were absent, remember to turn in your essay redo and SAT exercises.

Next, we took the SAT 7 quiz. It was just another hackneyed Friday. We also had two additional quizzes one on the first half of Act 1 in Inherit The Wind, and the other on Act 2.

Finally, we did another Reality Check. Mrs. Smith asked us...
-How’s it going? Really, how’s it going?
-What’s one thing that is going well for you? Tell me about it.
-What’s one thing that is really challenging for you? Tell me about it.
-How can I help?

If we finished all of these things with time to spare, we were allowed to work on our This I Believe essays. Remember, these are due next Wed. If you want some examples of essays, visit the following link and click on explore to search for different themes, age groups, or authors.

Homework: This I Believe essays are due next Wed. Writing lab is available on Tuesdays periods 1,4, and 5 if you would like a second set of eyes.


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