Monday, November 28, 2011

Period 3, November 28

Today was a big day in Smith's class! We were introduced to a project we will be working on called loggel. It is a website intended to be used as an online journal, but we will be using it to answer this primary question: what was going on in the world that influenced George Orwell's writing of 1984? We will be looking at the years from 1930-1950. That is all Smith told us. She left the rest up to us to decide as a class. We decided to break up into groups to look at different sections of years, and have editors to look at everyone's work and make sure that everything is correct, relevant, and flows together. 

1930-1933 Delaney, Sophia, Ruthie
1934-1938 Jacqueline, Annabelle, James, Savannah
1939-1943 Amber, Alison, Shannon, Monica
1944-1947 Alex, Alex, Sean
1948-1950 Liz, Bekah, Nick, Jordan
Editors- Emma, Macy, Grant

-everyone in the group must contribute an equal amount of work
-the writing for each group must be completed on Google Docs by Thursday
-each group must proofread their own work, and it must be looked at by 2 of the 3 editors
-each group's media must be done by Monday
-every group must check that their media works from school
there must be at least 2 kinds of media per group, like pictures, video, audio, geotagging

Everyone can log onto loggel using the username AHS3 and the password is arapahoe. We will present the work on next Tuesday.

-work on loggel
-read pages 1-69 of 1984 by Friday
-make sure 1984/Big Brother letter is signed and turned in
-bring and check in your SAT Vocab book

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