Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday, November 14, 2011 Scribe period 5

Today’s class period began with the usual “Hello everybody!” “Hello Smith!” After that, we jumped into the daily agenda. Smith said some people didn’t submit their This I Believe Essay into the drop box. If you didn’t submit yours, the folder is in Classes->SmithA->Period 6. Drag your word document or audio recording into the folder titled “Drop Box.” Label your file with your first name then last initial (ex: JerryS) to make it easy on Smith. We then collected our SAT 9 word search documents and then read through the words for SAT 10, which will be the last set of words we will do. The words are: idolatry, adulterate, emanate, garish, immutable, diadem, bucolic, redolent, impecunious, sedition, defile, gratuitous, onus, impious, and caveat. A JPEG file should be attached to the post with the pronunciation, definition, et cetera. Then we started our Inherit the Wind aquarium. (A full-class fishbowl) The entire period was spent discussing the question: “How is Inherit the Wind a piece of literature that can motivate social change? The popular response referred to the way Drummond made Brady think for himself instead of reciting directly from the bible changes society; it makes people think for themselves. If the society followed Brady’s ideals and limited knowledge, we would have an uneducated society. The bell rang with no sign of Smith being displeased with the laptop cords and everyone was off to sixth period.

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