Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Period 6 8/31/11

Howdy fellow bloggers!
I hope you did not forget something in your lockers,
And your homework is coming well,
For I have much to tell.
Class today was the norm,
So there won’t be room to misinform.
It started with the usual greeting,
That is heard so often, it doesn’t need repeating.
A paper is soon due,
So it should be on your high “To-Do”.
The prompt is not strange:
How can literature be a motivator for social change?
Some ideas for this prompt were promptly discussed,
So many there are that this poem might just bust!
So here they are attached (at bottom of post),
To led to your thoughts yet to be hatched.
It is due 9/26 to be sure,
That my friends, is no lure.
Mrs. Smith states that in class she will teach,
Without a screech (maybe),
The proper way to write:
A thesis and outline for an intro and a paper.
Today LOF annotation re-do’s were turned in.
We also watched some scenes from Macbeth wherein,
Many questions were pondered,
And tomorrow they will be answered by the hundred.
Tomorrow is also the SAT vocab question day,
Where we will have endless Q&A.
Here is the homework –
Individual Conferences, Thesis & Outline (9/6)
SAT Exercises (9/2), Paper (9/26), and Scribe
One last tip before I go,
Get Smith a gift – a Slap Watch! :) (Link)

How can literature be a motivator for social change?
·         be used to manipulate fear or stress
·         brings people together
·         compare a life to another
·         distort situations
·         emotional connection
·         escape plan/writing on a problem
·         explore new ideas
·         exposure
·         gives a set goal that society can reach
·         hypothetical situations unfold
·         inspiring in a good way
·         moral system
·         motivating
·         movements
·         new ideas
·         new vision
·         perspectives
·         problems
·         providing interest
·         question of authority
·         question/challenge your beliefs
·         reexamine life
·         sets new ways you can learn
·         teach
·         trust
·         warning
(Wow that was a long post!)

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