Tuesday, August 30, 2011

8/30/11 Period 3

Good afternoon fellow students!
    Today was a good day in Smith’s 3rd Hour Language Arts Class! Class began as is the norm, with laptops on desks and planners all ready, but then we got do something extra fun! QUIZ!!! We took the 25 question quiz (take the Elizabethan Presentations Quiz link) from the Macbeth research presentations (performed yesterday) in groups of two to three people on the laptops. 
    Upon the completion of the quiz, we performed skits according to the slips of paper that Ms Smith gave to us, showing us what our topic should be. We also opened Macbeth and the first line that we saw and incorporated it into our little skits. 
    Alex, Alex, and Shawn went first and acted about someone that had a sleepover and consumed lots of sugar, and then the next morning they creamed Shawn and stole his cash. Then Alex said a random line from Macbeth and gave him back his money. 
    Then Alison, Sophia and Ruth went, and had the time of their life at a party. Sophia partied so hard that she collapsed into the bowl of punch. Alison and Sophia stole her credit card, but then gave it back when she said a line from Shakespeare.
    James and Grant went next and performed that Grant came home James said a line from Shakespeare when James' wife said that he should do something illegal. Then they got into a conversation about trust and Grant left the house.
    When the next group got up, they performed that both of their weddings got planned on the same day, so they got mad at the wedding planner, and then got in an argument about weddings and what they were going to do.
    The next group had to go to a dealership where they won a new car, but there were two of them so they argued about the car and how they were going to share it.
    Nick and I both had a date with "Curly Shirley" and got in a fight about it, then I said a really random line from Macbeth and we both got hit in the face and walked off.
   Bekah and Kate were up next and performed that they both had the same ticket for a performance. Kate got her ticket when "the owl screamed and the cricket cried" which was a line from Macbeth.
   When the next group performed, they said that the husband should do something illegal to get a promotion, but he did not want to, so they got into a big fight about what they should do.
    We then took out our cell phones and texted 465122 and one word that describes the conflict in each scenario of the plays above to 37607, and the results popped up on the screen.
    Ms Smith said that the words that we sent were many scenarios that literature could do to us. She brought us back to the questions: “What does it take to challenge the system?” and “How can literature be used as a motivator for social change?”
    We started watching a version of Macbeth that had a minimal set so as to maximize the acting. If you caught on to what has happening, congratulations!!

    Homework: LOF Redo Annotations, SAT Vocab Exercises, Trust Blog, Scribe, Individual Conferences

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