Thursday, August 18, 2011


Today, we took our common assessment in class. The point of the common assessment was so that Mrs. Smith could see where everyone is. The Common Assessment was on Topic Sentences. Tomorrow, we will discuss “The Lord of the Flies.” Particularly, the topic of "Can literature be a motivator for social change?" Be prepared for the discussion tomorrow or you might get the rusty spoon!

  •   Common  Assessment 
    • Read The Lady or the Tiger
    • Answer Questions on the back
    • Topic Sentence
§  A value is defined as “worth, importance or usefulness of something to somebody.”
§  On a note card, please answer the following sentence in a topic sentence.
§  In Frank Stockton’s “The Lady or the Tiger”, what does the princess most value and why?
§  Make sure to write your name on your note card.
  • ·         Notes:
o   Meet in library tomorrow
o   Bring your Student ID and Planner
o   Interested in student council?
§  8/23 at 6:45am in Forum
§  8/23 at 2:30pm in Forum

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