Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Period 4 8/30/11

Hey everyone! Class today started with the usual formalities, "Hello class." "Hello Smith." After we got past that, Mrs Smith began to explain the homework which is the following~
  • Finish your Lord of the Flies redo annotations by tomorrow!
  • Try to finish your SAT exercises by tomorrow so that we can discuss them in class! (You DO NOT have to write the essay!)
  • Comment to the trust question on Mrs. Smith's blog before class tomorrow!
Next, we took the Elizabethan Period test. We got into groups of three or four and took the test together. (Yes, it was allowed:) When we finished, Mrs. Smith handed out the Macbeth book, a note card, and a piece of paper with a scenario on it. Mrs. Smith shortly thereafter explained what we were going to do with these items~ perform a skit. Sounds pretty normal right? Well here's the catch. Each group had to randomly open up to Macbeth and select whichever quote they saw first. Then, they had to somehow incorporate that quote into their skit. (Which we had five minutes to prepare for by the way!) Then we started to present the skits. Some groups had to act out someone losing their money, others had to perform someone scheduling two dates at the same time, and several groups had to perform someone encouraging someone else to get a promotion in a sly way. Needless to say, they all sound pretty normal until you imagine a Shakespeare line in the middle of it! However, the moral of every skit was trust. So, Mrs. Smith let us take out our phones (I know!) and text another lesson learned from the skits (besides trust) to 37607. It was really cool because all of our responses showed up on the screen in her room. When we finished texting our answers, we packed up, put our computers away, and before we knew it, class was out!

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