Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Period 3 8/31/11



Hey Readers!! Today was pretty much laid back. We started off class as usual with computers, morning announcements, and writing down our home work in our planners. One important event that was mentioned on the announcements this morning was the Freshman Tailgate Football game this Saturday at 9:00 AM, so be there to support your fellow freshman take on the Rangeview Raiders! Moving on to the HOMEWORK: Smith asked us to start thinking/start our thesis and outline of our Macbeth essay, due next Tuesday September 6th(I will explain more about this further down in the green text). Also, finish your SAT Vocab Exercises, scribe, and individual conferences. 
When we finished settling in, Smith gave us the topic for our Macbeth Essay which is: How can literature be a motivator for social change? In your essay compare and analyse how Lord of the Flies and Macbeth connect and relate to this topic. These are some of the topics we came up with that went along on answering the topic question:   
                *Emotional Connection
                *Escape plan if it ever happened
                *What could happen in the future
                *Exposing light on a certain subject
                *Compare with life and your own 

After this, the class shared there feedback on the "trust blog". Most of the class was in agreement that they trust their family and teachers, but when it came to friends we had a disagreement. Some people said they trust their friends because they chose wisely when they picked to be friends with them, but others said that teenage years are tricky because gossip and peer pressure may sometimes over ride the friendship. Then after this heated discussion, we watched short clips from the three different versions of Macbeth.

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