Friday, August 26, 2011


We walked in to the room, and got settled in,
Laptops out, we were ready to begin.
The teacher walked in, saying, "Good morning class!"
"Hello Smith" was called back without any sass.
The bell rang quick and we listened to the boss,
"Go work on Macbeth," and then the chaos.
We ran to our groups and got on our way,
for this was the end, the last workday.
Macbeth is due monday, we rushed to the end,
and time was gone before we could amend,
the spelling, the errors,
the grammar, what terrors!
But we managed to do it, and Monday we present,
and hopefully there is nothing that we will resent.
So good luck to us all, I bid you good night,
Lets hope that our projects are done well and done right.

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