Friday, August 19, 2011

Let the Scribing Begin! 8/19/2011 English 9 Honors

Hey guys! Sorry it took me so long to get this up, I was training hard at cross country. Anyways, here is a description of our exciting day in English. Right after class started, we headed to the library for a little orientation about the tools and resources available to us there. The majority of what Mr. Murphy, the librarian, talked to us about today is written in pages 6a-12a (along with information on citing your sources) in your planner, but here is an abbreviated list of his talk.

6:45 to 3:30 Monday through Thursday
6:45 to 3:00 on Friday

Important People:
Mr. Murphy, head librarian
Mr. Fisch, tech director
Mrs. B, librarian
Lauren, a student assistant

Checkout and Fines:
Most books may be checked out for up to three weeks. 25 cents per day overdue
Reference books, such as encyclopedias, may be checked out overnight. $1 per day overdue

Many nonfiction reference books are available online. You can find the websites for these books on a bright yellow bookmark in the library.

Technology Checkout:
Headsets with microphones are available for overnight checkout. $1 per day overdue
Video cameras are also available for checkout.
Triple E Netbooks (that have access to printers) are available to be checked out for the period but must remain in the library.

The maximum amount of fines is set at $5
It is okay to return a book and pay your fine later when you have the funds ready.

Books can be returned inside the library at the checkout desk or next to the statue of Chief Arapahoe.

Keep voice level low
No food or drink
No hats, sunglasses, or hoodies
Use electronic devices for productivity, NOT as a distraction
Cell phone must be set to vibrate or silent
No talking on your cell phone
No checking your voice mail

Printing and Copying:
Two double-sided black and white pages (essentially four pages) per assignment may be printed for free, however each additional page is ten cents
The color printer may be used for 50 cents per page, see a librarian for assistance
The photocopier costs ten cents per page

After our introduction to the library, we went back to class and filled posters with our ideas and thoughts concerning our two semester-long themes. Drum roll please! Our two themes for this semester are "How can literature be a motivator for social change?" and "What does it take to challenge the system?" An idea for the former might be, "Why do you think other countries held book burnings for powerful political ideas?" and for the latter, "Never accept anything as truth, investigate and ask questions to find out what the real truth is."

Important Notices:
  • We will NOT be meeting in our classroom next week on Monday, instead we will be in the Library Computer Lab, the second door to the left of the entrance into the library, for MAP testing.
  • If you were not here today, stop by the library as soon as you can to exchange your ID. Your ID acts as your library card but the barcodes on the ones you received at Freshmen Orientation are not working, so your card will need to be replaced.
See you next week in class!

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