Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Dear fellow readers,

You may not think we could pack much more into the same class period, but it happened. Class began as usual with each student having a laptop, and agenda on their desk at the beginning of class. The following announcements were given:
  1. Code of conduct will be distributed to you in class.
  2. Sign the sheet of paper saying you received it.
  3. See Mr. Ahern if you missed drama club yesterday.
  4. Reminder to carry school ID with you at all times on campus.
  5. "And remember, Warriors always take care of each other."
We were told about individual meetings that can be set up with Ms. Smith. She passed around her personal planner, so each student could set up a date and time to meet with her. Her off hours include 4th and 6th MWF, as well as 1st and 6th on TR. She is also available before school starting at 7:00AM, and after school she can meet with 2-3 people in the L.A. office. Make sure you have set up a date that works for you if you have not already.

Our first collaborative group project was assigned today, (which was supposed to be researched last night). This is due on Monday the 29th. We will be working in groups of 3-4 on a project to teach the class about one aspect of the Elizabethan Era. Here is the link to the Ms. Smiths English 9 Honors web page. Under Macbeth, and "Research Macbeth," you can find the topics we had to choose from. Here are the requirements:
  1. some sort of digital presentation(excluding powerpoint)
  2. 5 minutes long.
  3. Engaging, creative, informational
  4. Curiosity of listeners is peaked
  5. KNOCKS MS. SMITHS SOCKS OFF! Yes, this is a requirement.
  6. The sky is the limit, you can do anything for your presentation. Here are some ideas...(some of these are connected to links.)
One more requirement. Everything needs to be cited. but fear not, we have been saved from the old times of manually doing this. We were introduced to Here we can easily enter our websites into the auto cite box and click cite this. Make sure your google docs account is up in another tab though. For more info. see Ms. Smith.
Hint: Do your best teaching through this project because a quiz will be given on it the day after we present.
Make an individual conference with Ms. Smith
Macbeth research project
1 wk. to redo annotations on LOF!
Have an amazing evening warriors!

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