Thursday, March 15, 2012

Period 3 Scribe- 3/15/12

"Hello Class! Hello Smith!"

       Today we presented our tableaux vivants on Romeo and Juliet Act 3 Scene 1. Delaney and Ruth presented 3.1.1-35, and then Shannon, Monica, Amber, and Alison played 3.1.36-86. Following them, Alex D., Alex B. (or Alex^2 as Smith calls them), and Sean played 3.1.87-122, and after them Grant and I acted 3.1.123-146. James, Annabelle, Jacqueline, and Savannah acted out 3.1.147-214, and Bekah, Macy, Emma, Liz, and Emily also entertained us with 3.1.147-214. We then read over Scene 1 from Act 3, and learned that Mercutio is slain by Tybalt, and when Romeo seeks revenge, Tybalt is killed as well. In result, Romeo is banished from Verona by the Prince.

Grammar for this week:
-------------------ind cl---------------------------------------------------                -----------------ind cl-------------------Compound Sentence
Dem pn.     Lv    art         adj            poss n              n         cc      poss prn    av         prep  poss prn   n/op
Those     are   the     other     children’s   toys,   but     yours     are   (in    your    room).
S            V                                                 pn                  S         V         prep phrase


 --------Ind Cl-------                        -------------dep cl---------------  Complex Sentence
N         av          ger            sc            art      n    lv        adj
Karl    likes     reading   whenever       a      topic   is     technological.
S          V            DO                                     S       V          pa

Homework: Wikified Research Paper conferences, and study for the grammar quiz!

Tomorrow is Friday!!!!!!!!

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