Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Scribe 3-13-12

Hello Class!!
Today we received a new project called Tableaux Vivants. It’s time for your acting debut! Tableaux Vivants are “living pictures”. We are preforming scenes from Act 3. Basically, the actors are frozen to create a scene, and as each actor speaks a line, he changes position to add to the scene. Today we planned our opening and ending actions (in groups of 6), and we will preform on Thursday.
We also worked on grammar. We learned that....

those are the other childrens toys but yours are in your room
Subject 1: those
Verb 1: are
Predicate Nominative (renames subject): toys
Prepositional Phrase: in your room
Object of Preposition: room
Subject 2: yours
Verb 2: are

karl likes reading whenever a topic is technological
Subject 1: karl
Verb 1: likes
Direct Object: reading
Subject 2: topic
Verb 2: is
Predicate Adjective: technological

    Then, we reviewed Act 2, watched the balcony scenes, and took the quiz.

HW: Tableaux Vivants and WRP conferences.

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