Sunday, March 11, 2012

Smith Period 5 Scribe Friday, March 9

Today in class we were all greeted with a, "Hello class" followed by, "Hello Smith." After that we began to discuss honors for next year. You will automatically be assumed to be in honors sophomore year if you maintain an "A" or "B" throughout the year. You will NOT have to test in.
Romeo and Juliet prologue practice immediately followed. We are preforming our prologues in class Monday so come prepared and BE CREATIVE. Every person should have around two lines to preform so make sure they are memorized and ready to go by Monday.

Romeo and Juliet

Act 2: Scene 1: In this scene, Romeo goes back to the party and is searching for Juliet, the one he loves. He  
                         ends up climbing a wall and finds Juliet on a balcony talking to herself. When she finds out
                        Romeo was listening to her personal thoughts, she is greatly offended but eventually gets
                        over it as the begin to discuss marrying each other.

Act 2: Scene 2: In this scene, Romeo encounters Friar Lawrence and expresses his new found love for
                        Juliet. After long conversation, Friar Lawrence agrees to marry them.

Act 2: Scene 3: In this scene, Tybalt has challenged Romeo to a duel, however Mercutio is very                  concerned as he learns that Romeo did not return home last night. Mercutio scolds Romeo for being made weak by love.


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