Friday, December 9, 2011

Writing Guide- Decmeber 9, 2011

Attention getter: quotes, snippet, image, question
Explain attention getter
B4 Thesis- ex) Bradbury’s Fahrenheit, Shakespeare's Macbeth (etc) all death with challenging the system.
Thesis: Overview...answer question & why? set up 3 points
-Make the intro very brief, 25 points-

Thesis is always the last sentence of your intro paragraph.

Topic Sentence: comes from thesis
Set up first point: what’s going on in the story
Lead in, “quote” (citation: Shakespeare Act. Scene. Line).
Explanation: 1. What is quote saying? 2. Connect to paragraph point 3. Connect to thesis
Connect to topic sentence
Connect to thesis- SOCIAL CHANGE
Transition: connection (similar, also, although, etc.)
Set up second point
Lead in, “quote” (Golding 47).
Explanation (same as above)
Connect to Topic sentence
Connect to challenge system.. WHY or social change
Repeat for each quote
Concluding sentence: from topic sentence sum up
-75 POINTS!! spend most of your time on the body-
Restate thesis: must use different wording
Review points: come from body paragraphs
Satisfying conclusion: The way your story begins is the way your story ends; connect points, big idea (connect to world, bigger picture, what does this mean for humanity?),


(Bradbury, Fahrenheit #).
(Bradbury, ‘Pedestrian’).
(Orwell, #).
(Shakespeare, Act. Scene. Line).
(Golding, #).
(Lawrence & Lee Act. Scene. Line).
Banned book

      You can have your works cited ready and printed out, and have your quotes & thesis                      
         The paper rubric is on Smith's Teacher page :)
USE THE TOOLS YOU HAVE: go to thesaurus- us the SAT words!! 
Show don't tell- use HUGE words to describe 

TIME: you have an hour and 1/2 hour--spend about an hour and 15 minutes to write and leave 15 minutes to proof read- go SLOW and read in OUT LOUD (to yourself)

Take time to put it in Microsoft Word because google docs won't have spell check and grammatical error check

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