Thursday, December 8, 2011

December 8, 2011- Period 5

Our homework for tomorrow is to bring a skeletal outline for our final essay (nothing filled in except the thesis). Also, Smith recommended that we read 1984 over break, but we only have to read through page 147 (book 2, chapter 4) by our next discussion.

Our final is in exactly one week!!

Third hour determined that our 200 point essay is 11.4678899082568827339 % of our total grade (thank you Jordan). Smith suggested that we come in and talk to her about our outlines before the final. She also posted the rubric online.

We then listened to the songs from the 1984 soundtrack, and made notes.
The songs were
I Did it Just the Same
Sex Crime
For the Love of Big Brother
Winston's Diary
Greetings from a Dead Man
Ministry of Love
Room 101

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