Thursday, December 8, 2011

Scribe Period 3 12/8/11

Hello everyone! Today in class after announcements(, we went over homework.

HW: 117-147pg from 1984 and 1 critical thinking question due after winter break
Basic outline and thesis, you don't need quotes yet!
Say doubleplusgood to someone! You'll get it in a minute...

We discussed how finals would affect your grade. After some heavy-duty math, we discovered it is 11% of the critical thinking grade.

We listened to different 1984 movie songs, so I hope you brought your ears! Go to Smith's page under This I believe to find the songs. The first song was I did it just the same and had a very eighties feel to it while it was instrumental. Very Smith said some of the songs would be yesterday. Sex Crime had a repetitive beginning and again sounded very eighties. Had a beat that made you want to dance, and I admit my feet were tapping. Tells how difficult it is to abstain from these Sex Crimes which in the book is having any relationship with someone of the opposite sex. It also repeated 1984 several times thought the song and the chorus. Some similarities the class noticed in these two songs were how they sounded very futuristic and the style of Micheal Jackson and Prince. The second song we noticed that the lyrics didn't really match the fast beat.
For the love of Big Brother began with a bit slower beat than the previous two songs and a woman was singing it. Sounded like a eighties love song and the lyrics matched. It talked about how she hears big brother, sees what he does, but can't see him in person. Portrays a secret wanting for some companionship and a sadness underneath it all. Also that Big Brother is always watching you even when you don't think he is. We skipped down to DoublePlusGood began with drums and a very casual semi-beach party feel. Unfortunately, when the chorus began the class knew this was the song that was going to be stuck in out heads ALL DAY!!!! Oh well..... It began to repeat DoublePlusGood about 100 times.....okay maybe not that many but you get the point. At the end, it winded down with counting from10-1. Showed the simplicity of the society and showed the brainwashing of the repetitive tune.
Our last song was Julia, Mrs. Mortiz's favorite. It went right into the lyrics, very romantic sounding with the harmonies and chines. Kinda sounded like the wind blowing through which matches the lyrics. Speaks of old times hoping they continue even when the times, seasons change. There was less drums, banging the tune into your head. Very peaceful and represented how fragile their relationship is.
The bell rang and we were off to our next class! Have a good day!

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