Friday, December 2, 2011

Smith Period 3 (December 2, 2011)

    Hey Guys!  
    Happy Friday! We met in room C9 instead of the usual room C11. On arrival we found all of the desks in C11 in a circle with laptops on every desk. Every laptop had headphones and a chord that was connected to a grey box located in the middle of the room. This was for the class period before us so we neatly put away the laptops and headphones and unplugged all the chords. The desks were rearranged for our fishbowl about 1984

    With new laptops on the desk most of the class logged into the Smith 9H 11-12 blog so we could discuss the film while the people in the fishbowl (Shannon, Amber, Alison, Macy, Bekah, Monica) prepared for their verbal discussion.The people on the outside used Cover It Live (which was located on Mrs. Smith's blog) which was a fast chatting service. We used the same system of posting we had used before (I.E. "Class- What are Big Brother's motives?") but because of how fast Cover It Live was we were able to make full online conversations, with  people responding and voicing their opinion. 

   The Homework for the weekend is to read pages 69-117 in 1984 (there will be a discussion next week), your Loggel project (due Tuesday), and one higher level thinking question about 1984 pages 69-117 (due Monday).

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