Thursday, December 1, 2011

Smith Period 3!!!!!!!

Hello Class!!! Hello Smith!!!
HOMEWORK: Bring in 1 big question over 1-69, Tomorrow we will be doing an aquarium talk with live blog over comprehension
AQUARIUM: We went over loads of ideas and agreed on doing: There will be 4 discussion times, we picked 1 time for each person that way there will be about 5 people in the middle to discuss and be able to talk more. This way there will be chairs in the middle left for ones  on the outside that have input. At the same time a live blog will be going on with the outside of the circle, basically what we did for Fahrenheit,POLITICAL CARTOONS: First Smith matched us up with dealing cards into groups of 3-4. Then we made one word responses to political cartoons (TRULY HARD), then we circled what stood out at us right when we looked at it. We then talked about political propaganda, and here were some of our ideas: Advertising is used to put up conditional statements about our society, guilt, threaten, take away people’s rights to question, using good looking fit people makes people want to be them so they will do whatever the propaganda is, putting a happy spin on dangerous activities, inspirational, fearful,  Colors really add to the meaning of the cartoon: when we looked at the navy poster it was red white and blue. Here are some of the cartoons smith showed us on the overhead.