Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Loggel & YouTube

Loggel doesn't accept direct YouTube links.  In order to have YouTube videos, you need to download the video using the decoder.  Once your video is downloaded, you need to re-upload the video to Loggel.  NOTE: It takes a while to convert.

Scribe for 11/30 Period 3

We were greeted this morning with "Salutations Students" from the announcements.  We then went over our homework and then immediately got to work on our Loggel presentations.  Remember that all writing is due Thursday so that the editors can have time to edit before they are due on Tuesday.  Also to upload videos from YouTube on the Loggel, you must download a YouTube downloader.  From there you can download the video to the downloader, so you can then download the video.  Then you go into Loggel and upload the video.  Then the video will play in the presentation.  If you have any questions about this, please see Jordan or Smith.  Jordan has also volunteered to convert any videos if need be.  Please send the URLs to him over Google Docs.  We also have a discussion on pages 1-69 in 1984 on Friday.  You need only 1 question for this discussion.

Homework: read in 1984 pg. 1-37, gather 2 political cartoons, 1 from the 1930-1950 era and 1 from modern day 2011.  These cartoons need to be in color so that they can help drive the discussion for tomorrow.  If you haven't turned in your 1084/Little Brother letter, these are also due.  Loggel presentations are due Tuesday, but for our class the writing is due TOMORROW, Thursday!!!  Media also needs to be done by Saturday so that the editors can check if it works or not. 

Monday, November 28, 2011

Period 3, November 28

Today was a big day in Smith's class! We were introduced to a project we will be working on called loggel. It is a website intended to be used as an online journal, but we will be using it to answer this primary question: what was going on in the world that influenced George Orwell's writing of 1984? We will be looking at the years from 1930-1950. That is all Smith told us. She left the rest up to us to decide as a class. We decided to break up into groups to look at different sections of years, and have editors to look at everyone's work and make sure that everything is correct, relevant, and flows together. 

1930-1933 Delaney, Sophia, Ruthie
1934-1938 Jacqueline, Annabelle, James, Savannah
1939-1943 Amber, Alison, Shannon, Monica
1944-1947 Alex, Alex, Sean
1948-1950 Liz, Bekah, Nick, Jordan
Editors- Emma, Macy, Grant

-everyone in the group must contribute an equal amount of work
-the writing for each group must be completed on Google Docs by Thursday
-each group must proofread their own work, and it must be looked at by 2 of the 3 editors
-each group's media must be done by Monday
-every group must check that their media works from school
there must be at least 2 kinds of media per group, like pictures, video, audio, geotagging

Everyone can log onto loggel using the username AHS3 and the password is arapahoe. We will present the work on next Tuesday.

-work on loggel
-read pages 1-69 of 1984 by Friday
-make sure 1984/Big Brother letter is signed and turned in
-bring and check in your SAT Vocab book

Loggel Smith Period 5 Details

WHAT INFLUENCED GEORGE ORWELL TO WRITE 1984?????????????????????????????

Username for Loggel: ahs-smith-5
Password: Contact Nick Lipski

Social-Maddie D.
          Megan G.
Economic-Sam R.
                 Jeremy P.
                Hunter K.
International Relation-Alex Kinnes
                                 Zoe C.
New World Leaders-Colin
                               Maddie M.
                               Emily H.

Pictures-Zoe, Alex K.
Video and Audio-Brooke

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Smith Period 5-Friday, November 18, 2011

"Hello Class!" "Hello Smith!"
The entire class was excited, as we anticipated the fast-approaching and much-earned Thanksgiving Break! So, without wasting anytime, we got started on the many tasks that would be completed on this final Friday.

We started out by turning in our SAT 10 exercises, while Mrs. Smith passed out the SAT 10 quiz.

After conquering the quiz, we went online to Mr. Fisch's blog in order to fill out a form on what WE thought the purpose of school was. Here is the form that we filled out:
If you were not in class, feel free to leave your thoughts. There are no requirements, this is just to express your opinion.

For the rest of the period, we proceeded to read books 21, 22, and 23 of The Odyssey.

Here is a short recap of what took place:

Odysseus returns to his home on Ithaca, only to find it overrun by suitors trying to marry his wife, Penelope. He disguises himself as a beggar, and then devises a plan with his son and most trusted servants.
Eventually, he exposes his true identity, and defeats the suitors, killing them all for their arrogance and disloyalty.
Finally, when he reveals himself to Penelope, she tests him to see if he is bluffing. She orders a servant to move his bed, which is not possible. Odysseus expresses his knowledge that the bed cannot be moved, ensuring Penelope his true identity, and they are finally reunited.

Homework: The 1984/Little Brother letter is due as soon as possible, if you have not turned it in already. You can also begin reading 1984 over break if you wish.

We will begin reading 1984 in class after break.

Finally, here are some fun facts about Thanksgiving:
  • The first Thanksgiving celebration took place in 1621
  • The annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade tradition began in the 1920s
  • The President has pardoned a turkey every year since 1947

Friday, November 18, 2011

Scribe for Period 3 11/18/11

"HELLO CLASS!" "HELLO SMITH!" We started off the morning with the normal greeting.  We then turned in our SAT 10 exercises and took the SAT 10 quiz.  The quiz had the word, definition, part of speech and the synonym.  Then we took out the big brown books and read book 23 in the Odyssey by Homer.  After reading, we discussed the book.  Some things we discussed were:

Penelope tests Odysseus to see if he really was who he said he was.  Penelope says that they will move the bed for him to sleep on, knowing that only the real Odysseus will know that the bed can not be moved.  He then tells her that the bed can not be removed, and they are reunited at last. 

Then we went to the Fischbowl and looked at one of the posts.  The link is:

The post is about the Purpose of School.  Then we helped out the students by filling out a form.  The form is on the Fischbowl, but the link is:

After filling out the form, we read each others This I Believe essays and gave each other feedback/compliments on their essays. 

Homework is to have your parents sign the 1984/Little Brother letter.  This letter is not due at a certain, but Smith encouraged us to turn it in as soon as possible.  Smith also said that if we would like to read ahead in 1984 over Thanksgiving break, that we could, but it is not mandatory.


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thursday, November 17

PERIOD 5, November 17

Hey guys! Today in class we shared the usual greeting with Mrs. Smith. Then we read Book 10 and Book 12 of the Odyssey. We started reading Book 21: The Test of the Great Bow just before the bell rang.

Link for the week's schedule: click here.
  • SAT Lesson 10 exercises due tomorrow
  • SAT 10 vocab quiz tomorrow
    • Know: words, definitions, parts of speech, and synonyms
  • 1984/Little Brother permission slip- try to get it in by tomorrow   
Link for the Odyssey Books online: click here.
REMEMBER: We only read books 10, 12, and 21

Hope you all have a great day!!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Smith Period 3 (November,15 2011)

     Hey Guys! I am so sorry that I was not able to post this yesterday since I have been sick with the stomach flu for the past 24 hours.  The homework for tonight is located at the bottom of this blog post.

     First off, we finished our scored discussion after we had answered some Inherit the Wind comprehension questions. Our scored discussion was in the form of an "aqaurium", a larger version of the "fish bowl" discussion system we used earlier this year for Fahrenheit 451. Everyone rearranged the desks into a circle and everyone had a voice in the discussion. This is our final test for the play Inherit the Wind. We discussed many topics; such as characters, main themes, and our own choices about faith in our lives. We also talked about social groups and how some people are forced to be in these groups. Overall we successfully analyzed Inherit the Wind and were able to take away a lot more about the book after the discussion than before the discussion. 

     Secondly, we started to read The Odyssey. The Odyssey is an epic poem by Homer written near the end of the 8th Century in Greece. The story focuses on Odysseus. We started reading Book 9 (The Odyssey is composed of 24 books) in the brown literature books that we have in Mrs. Smith's classroom, where Odysseus encounters a cyclops. This is in the form of a story told by Odysseus much later, when he is telling this to a king who has thrown a banquet for him. Over the next few weeks we will continue to read The Odyssey.

     Homework: SAT Exercises (due Friday) and This I Believe Podcast (due Wednesday).

     Have a good day!


Period 3, 11/16/11

First, we turned in our This I Believe recordings during class. Remember, drop it in the class drop box and save as your name (remember to convert it to an mp3).

Today was the Lesson 10 SAT question day. These are the questions Mrs. Smith clarified....
Exercise 1
    #2 2nd blank- Onus
    #2 3rd blank- Caveat
    #2 4th blank- Impious
Exercise 3
#3- Lecture; Recollect.
    #2- Collector; Select
    #4- Renege
Exercise 5
    #3- B

After that, we continued to read the Odyssey. We started midway through Book 9 (page 496) and finished halfway through Book 10. In Book 9, Odysseus re-accounted everything that had happened to him since the end of the war. He was held by Calypso, tempted by Lotus Eaters, and threatened by a Cyclops. Odysseus beats the Cyclops through his cleverness, but the Cyclops curses him and asks Poseidon to prevent Odysseus to return home. So far in Book 10, Odysseus confronted the goddess Circe.

For homework: Do SAT exercises and study the words. Also, have your parents sign the permission form for Little Brother. If you were absent, see Mrs. Smith to get the permission slip.

If you want to see the schedule, visit this link.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Congratulations Liz!!

Winner of Wonder Woman Smithy Award... LIZ!!

Congratulations Liz for winning the banned book movie trailer contest!!

Monday, November 14, 2011 Scribe period 5

Today’s class period began with the usual “Hello everybody!” “Hello Smith!” After that, we jumped into the daily agenda. Smith said some people didn’t submit their This I Believe Essay into the drop box. If you didn’t submit yours, the folder is in Classes->SmithA->Period 6. Drag your word document or audio recording into the folder titled “Drop Box.” Label your file with your first name then last initial (ex: JerryS) to make it easy on Smith. We then collected our SAT 9 word search documents and then read through the words for SAT 10, which will be the last set of words we will do. The words are: idolatry, adulterate, emanate, garish, immutable, diadem, bucolic, redolent, impecunious, sedition, defile, gratuitous, onus, impious, and caveat. A JPEG file should be attached to the post with the pronunciation, definition, et cetera. Then we started our Inherit the Wind aquarium. (A full-class fishbowl) The entire period was spent discussing the question: “How is Inherit the Wind a piece of literature that can motivate social change? The popular response referred to the way Drummond made Brady think for himself instead of reciting directly from the bible changes society; it makes people think for themselves. If the society followed Brady’s ideals and limited knowledge, we would have an uneducated society. The bell rang with no sign of Smith being displeased with the laptop cords and everyone was off to sixth period.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thursday November 10, 2011 Scribe
As always our Period 5 English Class begun with the perfunctory, “Hello Smith!” After that we quickly progressed into writing our homework down in our planners.
  • During class today we: finished editing TIB essays, took the Act Two quiz over Inherit the Wind, and begun reading Act Three. Also, SAT 8 work and quiz was returned.
  • HW included: SAT exercises due tomorrow-we will be taking the SAT quiz, Finalize your This I Believe Essay-we will place it in the dropbox tomorrow during class, Podcast of TIB essay due Wednesday
In regards to submitting the finalized version of your TIB essay during class tomorrow:
The location of the dropbox is (Go to start) Sm/Period 6/Dropbox (Yes, it is period 6, not 5-there is no dropbox for 5!)
Save paper and podcast as your first name with last initial (i.e. AudrinaP.mp3)
*Only use your first name and last initial, not written out. We don’t want you to be available for the whole world to stalk!*
Pertaining to How to Podcast:
  1. Go to school library, visit front desk and politely ask to check out a USB headset, enter editing room
  2. Plug both headset and your own flashdrive into computer
  3. Open Audacity and record your essay (Make sure you speak up when recording! No tiny mouse voices!)
  4. When done recording, go File/Save/File export as mp3 (Make sure that when file is saved, it looks like an iTunes insignia-not Audacity’s insignia.
  5. Be sure that file is on your flashdrive.
Alright, that’s it everyone! Wow, we’ve been so busy lately-at least tomorrow’s Friday! Woohoo! Have a great Friday and an awesome weekend! J

Period 5 11-9-11

Hello class! Sorry this is a bit late!
Our homework for Wednesday was our This I Believe redos, pushed back to Friday, as well as SAT 9, and our TIB podcasts, due Wednesday the 16th.

To turn in essay redos, you need to open the "Classes" file on the server and find Mrs. Smith's. We have to use the 6th hour drop box because ours disappeared mysteriously. Be sure to save you essay as your first name and last initial ONLY (also remember not to put your last name anywhere in your essay).

Smith also went over how to make our podcasts:

  • practice! Be sure to highlight certain portions to give signals to speed up, slow down, act excited, etc.
  • you can check out USB recording headphones from the library (or use your own). The editing room in the library is also available if you need a quiet place to record.
  • you can use Audacity or another program to record your podcast.
  • Make sure your file is saved as an mp3 file. In audacity, go to file, then export as an mp3. If you use another program, you can use Zamzar to convert it
  • make sure you are LOUD when you record
Today was SAT question day
Exercise 1, question 1: fourth blank: machinations, fifth blank: finesse, sixth blank: heterogeneous, seventh blank: sapient, eighth blank: grandiose, ninth blank: idiosyncrasy
Exercise 3, question 3: verbatim, verbose, kill words with bad writing
Identifying Sentence errors

problem 3: D, should be “is when one”
problem 4: A, A lot of people
problem 9: A

We began to peer edit our This I Believe essay, but only go through one round.

Smith Period 3, November 10th

Hello  to all students of Mrs. Smith's 3rd period Honors class.  Today in class, we were given the agenda as usual, along with a preview of what the rest of this week is going to look like, leading into next week. The agenda pertaining to today included:
- Further editing on the TIB essays, due date moved to tomorrow (Friday the 11th)
- Finish Act 2 quiz

Friday- Read Act 3, SAT 9 quiz, Act 3 quiz

Monday- Guided discussion on Inherit the Wind

Tuesday- Book 9 (Odyssey)

Wednesday- 9/10

Thursday- 12, 21-23

Friday- 21-23

The "This I Believe" essay due date has been changed to tomorrow, (Friday the 11th) so come to class prepared to electronically turn in your paper.
Homework for the night includes:
-Podcast for the TIB essay, SAT exercises and quiz
Homework for the weekend:
-Podcast for TIB due Wednesday.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Smith Period 3

Hello class! Today was a PLC day so classes were shorter, but we still had plenty to accomplish today in class.
Tomorrow the This I believe Essays are due. They need to be drop boxed into Mrs. Smith’s box by tomorrow.  Remember DO NOT put your full name on the paper. When drop boxing save the essay as your first and last name. A week from today the TIB Podcasts are due, here are some tips of how you can record this at school:
1.       Get headset from library
2.       Record Essay in editing room
3.       Use Audacity to record
4.       And finally save as MP3
5.       Drop box into Mrs. Smith’s box with your first and last name

Next in class we went over SAT questions:
Exercise 3 #3
Kill words
Exercise 3 #2
Thrusting in
Thrusting out
Exercise 1, 2nd paragraph
Exercise 1 paragraph 1
Blank #6- Heterogeneous
Blank #7- Sapient
 Exercise 5 #2
After SAT questions we did peer edits on our TIB essays. Here is the criteria for the essays:
This I Believe editing
  • Tells a story
  • Positive
  • Statement of belief in one sentence (without saying This I Believe or I believe)
  • Be personal
  • Be brief (350-500)
  • Powerful lead-in
  • Support for your topic- examples?
  • Show, don't tell 
  • Imagery 
  • No cliche, abstract ideas or expressions 
  • Avoid preaching "we"

1.      Finish SAT Exercises
2.      Study for vocab quiz on Friday
3.      Finish TIB essay

Have a GREAT night, and see you all bright and early again tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Smith Period 5

Hola, hola! We came into Smith's class, got our laptops out, sat it our seats, and got to work. Our work consisted of reading Inherit the Wind (do you italicize plays?). We read all the way to the end of Act II, where Drummond finally found a problem with Brady's plan and there seems to be some hope for Cates. After we finished reading, we spent the rest of class discussing questions and thoughts about the play and the different sides of the story.

Backtrack to before the reading and you come to the homework, which is FINISH  YOUR THIS I BELIEVE ESSAY BECAUSE IT IS DUE TOMORROW. We also asked some questions about the essay. Remember to really get your point across about your belief. You want to tell a story, but you want the belief to be the main focus, not your story. And, of course, follow the five rules, which you can find here. This may also help you out: the thing that might also help you out.

We finished the class off with new seats, so make sure to check for that. Have a great Tuesday! (Also, remember the Link crew movie night at South Glenn is tonight!)

"Have a great day" Tuesday Scribe- 11/8/11

"Hello everyone! Hello Smith!" We listened to the announcements as usual( and went over all the homework.

The SAT exercises and test- Friday
This I believe Essay- Wed (Have an electronic copy ready on Wed. cause we are peer editing during class)

We picked up reading Inherit the Wind(finished Act II): Summary-
The people are now being swayed towards Drummond's beliefs about Darwin. Their eyes are being opened. He is saying that people should be allowed to think, allowed to make their own opionons about things. In order to do that, they need to know both sides. When Brady went up to the witness stand and failed, they saw their beliefs shattered. Before hand people would have denied Darwin until they were blue in the face, but seeing the man they once so adored fail before their eyes allowed them to open their minds, and think for themselves. "The doubt makes or breaks your belief." -James. Drummond is doing what the people assumed he would do; he is putting the issue on trial, not Cates.

We started the quiz for Act II and will finish it tomorrow!
That's all for today!
Bye, bye!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Period 05-November 7th, 2011

The start of class came with the tone of the bell today and we anxiously awaited an introduction from our substitute teacher: Mr. Rosenberg. Once we learned a bit more about him, he explained our homework:
1) Complete SAT Lesson Nine exercises; due Friday
2) This I Believe essay; due Wednesday (Remember to follow each of the guidelines given to us by and look at Smith's handout for tips)

We then jumped right into Lesson Nine's vocab words: Machination, pejorative, harbinger, nubile, sapient, chimerical, masochist, finesse, heterogeneous, eclectic, grandiose, raiment, blanch, hybrid, and idiosyncrasy. Mr. Rosenberg gave a brief description of each word (in addition to their definition) in order to help us grasp a better understanding of their meanings.

After that, Brooke assigned our parts for Act II of Inherit the Wind. We then spent the remaining class time reading, leaving off at page 93.

We really missed you today, Smith!