Monday, October 31, 2011

Period 3 10-31-2011

Hello everybody! Today we started with listening to the announcements followed up with the usual, “Hello Smith!” Then we went over the agenda and homework. The homework is SAT 8 exercises and essay redos (is you haven’t done them already) are due Friday. We will also have Mr. Craig or Mr. Wallace come in tomorrow to discuss the life and roles of a biology teacher because we will be starting our new book soon, Inherit the Wind. After that we jumped right into watching the movie trailers. While watching we enjoyed the snacks we all brought in. Also make sure you vote on your favorite trailer. The poll is located on this blog, just scroll down a bit and you can find it.

Hw: SAT 8 exercises, essay redos

Alex Baughman

Period 5 10-31-11

Today we started with the usual, "Hello Smith!" Then we moved right along into our agenda. Our home work tonight is SAT 8 and Modern Day Biology Teacher. For the SAT test on Friday, we will need to know the word, the definition, the part of speech, synonyms and maybe antonyms. Our words this week are, deride, censure, gambol, immolate, recondite, martinet, quagmire, gibe, agape, carcinogen, olfactory, imperious, grotesque, neologism, and hackneyed. Modern Day Biology Teacher is just a reminder that tomorrow we are going to be having a discussion, in class, with either Mr. Craig or Mr. Wallace about the roles of a Biology Teacher. After that we jumped right in to our movie trailers!  We had:

  • Cole with Axis of Evil
  • Brian with Johnny Got his Gun
  • Amanda with Water for Elephants 
  • Sarah with Lord of the Rings
  • Emily with The Pact
  • Hunter with Catcher in the Rye
  • Brooke with The Shining
  • Cassie with One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
  • Maddie Dorman with I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
  • Ellie with The Hunger Games
  • Zoe C with The Lovely Bones 
  • Mackenzie M with Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl
  • Nick with The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn
  • Jeremy with Of Mice and Men
  • Troy with In Cold Blood
  • Lauren with Brave New World
  • Alex with The Bluest Eye
  • Zoe with Slaughter House Five
  • Andrew with Jumper
  • Cole with Running Loose 
  • Joanna with Lolita
  • Maddie McGhee with I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
  • Colin with Cujo
  • Madison T with Stotan! 
  • Taylor with Gone With the Wind
While we watched our movie trailers we has muffins, cookies, popcorn, soda, and many other sweet and salty snacks. Mr. Sisler even came in to watch! And remember to vote on which trailer you thought was the best and most accomplished the prompt.

Smithy Award Period 5

Smithy Award Period 3

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Snacks For Monday!! 5th Period

These are the snacks that the class has signed up for!

  • Joey- Lays Potato Chips
  • Nick- Doritos
  • Rachael- Pretzels
  • Brooke- Popcorn
  • Zoe- Cheesy Popcorn
  • Sarah- Chocolate Chip Muffins
  • Alex- Puppy Chow
  • Ellie- Brownies
  • Sam- Oreos
  • Mackenzie- Cookies
  • Maddie- Scones
  • Amanda- Blueberry Muffins
  • Megan- Hawaiian Punch
  • Jeremy & Marco- Soda Pop
  • Andrew- Soda Pop
  • Cole- Napkins
  • Brian- Forks/Spoons
  • Zoey- Plates
  • Troy- Cups

Friday, October 28, 2011

Just a Reminder! 10/28/11

  • Emma- popcorn
  • Ruth- pretzels
  • Savannah- chips con queso
  • James- chips
  • Alison- brownies
  • Sophia- cookies
  • Shannon- puppy chow
  • Savannah- pastries
  • Nick- candy
  • Sean- ice cream
  • Grant- Root Beer
  • Alex B.- Sprite
  • Alex D.- 2L Fanta
  • Savannh- soda
  • Delany- hot coco mix
  • Amber- white napkins
  • Monica- black and orange napkins
  • Liz- plates
  • Jacqueline- cups
  • Alison- insulated cups
  • Annabelle- Utensils
NOTE: Macy and Bekah, since you were gone, we signed up for what we want to bring on Monday.  Just fill in under the area that you want to bring!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Scribe 10/27/11

"Hello, class!" "Hello, Smith!"
Today in 5th hour Honors English, we worked on the essay for Fahrenheit 451, "The Pedestrian", and "Harrison Bergeron". The whole class period was devoted to this, so there isn't much to tell. Due to the limitation of time and the perfectionist nature of honors students, one paragraph was actually taken out of the assignment. All you have to do is 2 body paragraphs, but keep all three reasons in the thesis. Also, we were allowed to edit our papers for 15 minutes over night. Remember, only 15 minutes to edit. We filed out of class then, happy to have some extra time to work on the essay.
The essay must be printed out and ready before class tomorrow!!! There will be no printing in class!!!

SAT Lesson 7
Study for SAT Test Tomorrow (Study word, definition, part of speech, and antonyms/synonyms)
Keep working on the banned book project due Monday
Bring essay to class printed tomorrow

October 27, 2011 Scribe Period 3

Hello to any present or absent students in Mrs. Smith's period 3 class! Today was the day we were to write our in-class essay comparing Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 and "The Pedestrian" along with Kurt Vonnegut's "Harrison Bergeron".  Due to trouble and failure of our school's WiFi leaving us without any internet connection, many students did not get the chance to finish their essay.  Mrs. Smith gave us the rest of the night to finish our essay. Remember, we're only required to write our two strongest body paragraphs for the essay, however we still have to include all three categories in our thesis. Remember you attention getter, thesis statement, topic sentence relating to thesis points, set up of the quote, lead into quote, quotation with correct citation, explanation of quote, connection to point, connection to thesis as well as your conclusion and works cited page. Be prepared to turn in your essay along with your outline tomorrow. Do not print in class. Tomorrow, make sure you're prepared for our SAT quiz on section 7. We need to know the word, definition, type of word, and synonyms and antonyms. We also have another work day for our movie trailer tomorrow.  

Homework Review-
-Turn in SAT vocab exercises on Section 7, and come ready for SAT test 
-Come to class with finished Fahrenheit 451 comparison essay with outline ready to turn in
-Read banned book, and work on banned book movie trailer.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Snow Day Fail :( Period 5 Wednesday Scribe (10-26-2011)

Today was a very awkward day in period 5 English class. As me and some fellow honor students walked to English class which is normally in C11 we saw that we were actually going to be in C9. Then we were greeted by the usual,” Hello Class!” from Mrs.Smith and the class answered,” Hello Smith!” Then we pulled out our super tiny triple E computers and began taking notes for the in class essay we will be doing tomorrow. As I was taking notes I couldn’t help my self feeling bad for Mrs.Smith writing the essay outline on the board. After we were done writing notes on the in class essay Mrs.Smith went over the notes in detail and we were allowed to ask questions about the essay. Once Nick said that there was only six quotes instead of nine everyone including Mrs. Smith started saying there was only six quotes in the essay. Then to make it clear on what we could  bring to class tomorrow for our outline Mrs.Smith enraged made a huge star like figure on the board were it says what we could bring until the chalk broke and fell to the ground. I felt that this was the funniest thing I had ever seen a teacher do and burst out into laughter. After this we continued to look at how a a body paragraph should look and how to connect back to the topic sentence and the thesis of the essay. I could tell that everyone was a little nervous about the essay because we continued bombarding Mrs.Smith with question after question and she continued to answer them in good detail. She made grave emphasis on sticking to the outline so that we can finish the essay in the time we get in one class period. For class tomorrow bring a good outline so that you are not having to look up stuff and wasting your time on doing stuff you should of done the night before.

The homework for tonight is the fallowing: Work on banned book project, read banned book, do outline for essay and SAT 7 exercises. You will need to now the words definition, part of speech and the synonyms and antonyms for the test on Friday. There is a chance that we will be in C9 tomorrow so be prepared to use the triple e computers.

Things to have written for tomorrow
  • Thesis statement
  • Attention getter with proper citation if using a quote.
  • All 9 of your quotes with proper citation. example: (Bradbury, Fahrenheit,6).
  • Works Cited

So class be prepared to write your essay as soon as you get into class because the essay is due by the end of the period. Although you should be prepared you should not have the entire essay complete because that is cheating and Mrs.Smith will rip it up, spill water on your computer and make you pay for it. Don’t forget to do your homework and use the notes you took in class to create a good outline for your essay.
See you tomorrow your fellow classmate,
Marco Garcia

Wish-it-was-snow-day Wednsday Scribe (10/26/11)

Too beautiful a day to be inside, but alas.... If you were to have seen me today in English, I was pounding on the keys, typing like mad woman! Anyways... after the morning routine and announcements, we did the Question Answer piece for the SAT's...



I- 1.- #1- dichotomy, #2- laconic, #3 macroscopic, and #4- quiddity.

III- #2- measures, speed; #3- mediocre, intermediate; #4- embolism, hyperbole, symbol; #5- probe, probably.

Improving Sentences- #4- E


-SAT Words and test(spelling, definition, part of speech, synonyms and possible antonyms) Friday

-Outline, thesis, citations, and quotes for In class essay- Thursday(More info at end of blog.)

-Finish reading banned book

- Have movie trailer for banned book finished by Monday! Remember we have a work in class day on Friday, so bring your stuff.

- Have a great day!

Outline info:
- Remember notes taken on how to write an outline! USE THEM!!!
-Use Fahrenheit 451, Harrison Burgeon, The Pedestrian, and some modern article in your three body paragraphs. Need 3 sources and quotes per paragraph with lead in's and explanations for each.
- Examples you could use: Overly powerful gov't, conforming to the norm, technology taking over, or loss of knowledge and relationships. Feel free to come up with your own as well!
- Remember that a book needs to be italicized or underlined, but short stories need to be in quotes.
- Since prompt is a two part question (Go to Smith's page and slide show to find it.), thesis needs to be a two part sentence, use a semi-colon. Ex: Bradbury and Vonnegut's warn in their works of the dangers of technology, the destructive nature of an overpowering gov't, and the loss of knowledge because of both; in today's society, these have come true.
- Intro paragraph needs attention getter and thesis: should be two- three sentences long. Title, author, restate question, thesis.

Well that's all! Hope to see you tomorrow!
Your fellow blogger/classmate,

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Scribe for English 9 Honors 5- 10/25/11

Hey guys! So the day started off with the usual "Hello everybody!" from Ms. Smith and then we got started! We took the Fahrenheit 451 test section 3 with up to two partners (not including yourself) and we also took a reading comprehension test by ourselves on Fahrenheit 451. As you know, our project for the banned book assignment is due on Monday. Today Ms. Smith let us use the rest of the hour to work on our project so make sure to have it ready by October 31! (Halloween!!!!) Our homework for tonight is to work on SAT#7 and be ready for the quiz on Friday! Also put the finishing touches on your banned book as well as reading it for the project. Remember:You must have at least one movie that goes with the project! You can find the submission form to upload your movie on Ms. Smith's website. Have a super fantastic Tuesday!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Period 05-October 24, 2011

As always, Smith's infamous greeting began class this afternoon. From there, she went straight into discussing this week's homework assignments. For tonight remember to:

1) Work on your Banned Book project. Remember, it is due a week from today: Halloween.
2) Prepare for our in-class work day on the Banned Book projects tomorrow. Come to class with all the materials that you need to make it a productive work time.
3) Study in preparation for tomorrow's quiz over the third part of Fahrenheit 451.
4) Start working on SAT Lesson 7. The exercises are due on Friday, the same day that the quiz will be taken. Remember, we do not need to do the essay writing portion of Exercise Five!

Once the preceding assignments were jotted down in each student's planner, there was a review over this week's SAT words. (They include adroit, macroscopic, fatuous, bovine, ferret, affectation, knell, dichotomy, callow, laconic, quiddity, patent, peccadillo, sagacious, and rationalize) Smith noted that it is helpful to know the pronunciations of each word. There is a pronunciation guide on page nine of your vocabulary book to help you.
As soon as that was over, one person from each partnership of the Element Symbol groups gave a brief presentation of their project. They would state the element, the element ranking, and the symbolism behind each item on their piece of cardstock. Each one now helps to make up the periodic table on the bulletin board.
The class ended with our final Fahrenheit 451 fishbowl. This conversation brought up several questions that we felt needed answering with the end of the book. To find the comments from the outer circle's live blogging conversations, follow this link.

Have a wonderful rest-of-the evening, everyone!

451 136-179 Period 5

451 136-179 Period 3

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Scribe October 21, Friday

"Hello Everyone"...."Hello Smith"
As we all got situated for a food drive friday in fifth period Smith announced our homework over the weekend. Item number one on the homework list, is to remember to be reading your Farenheit 451 books over the weekend. Be sure to get all the way through page 179 as we will be having a quiz over those pages. Due Monday is your symbolism projects! Be sure to have them ready as you walk into class. Also, remember to be reading your banned book. Your projects for those are due in a couple weeks. The rest of class was very uneventful as we took our lesson 1-6 SAT words quiz and worked in our groups on the symbolism project. 


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Friday, October 21, 2011; 3rd Hour

“Hello Everybody!” “Hello Smith!”
First, after everyone filed into class, we sat down and took our SAT quiz on lessons 1-6. If you were done then you could work on your symbolic element project for 451 while people were still working on the quiz. After everyone finished with the quiz, we watched four videos of different movie trailers.
The first one was a trailer for the Transformers; it had intense music, it flashed through quick scenes so you don’t know exactly what’s happening and you are given ‘key phrases’ but you don’t know the plot. The second trailer was for The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus; it showed the famous actors and directors and it switched between the narrator and different quotes in the movie. The third trailer was for The Color Purple; this trailer was missing the plot (it only introduced the characters) and it had a positive spin. The last trailer we watched was on The Blair Witch Project; it makes you scared because it is a girl talking in a shaky voice and it was just a simple black screen.
                After watching the trailers, we  worked on our symbolic elements until the end of the period.
Homework: Read your banned book and do your banned book project, read 360-379, 3 questions; due Monday,  symbols

Friday, October 21, 2011

Mrs. Friskey to you...

From Mrs. Friskey.... THANKS for sharing time with me to talk about the banned book movie trailer project. To begin your project ask yourself, "How do I mention/present the banned book and share its information/benefits in the best creative way to garner the desired response?"

 FUN FACT: The average movie costs 98 million dollars to make! Promotion and marketing (including creating the trailers) can take up to 5% of that total. So what do you do if you don't have a few million bucks to make your banned book trailer? First thing...don't freak out! Second...make a storyboard. Once you see your idea on paper it's a lot easier to determine if you can actually pull off the visuals, music and sound effects you're thinking about.

 REMEMBER...LESS IS MORE! GUESS WHAT?! The Drama Department is running a trailer for the fall play "The People vs. Maxine Lowe" during lunchtimes in the cafe. Check it out!!! Also it has that cool green screen with "This preview has been approved for all audiences" at the beginning just like a real trailer. I know a few of you have an idea to use this at the top of your trailers too. The Drama Department Producer just pulled it off of YouTube.  

HOW TO MAKE A STORY BOARD Go to click on teachers Tools and Templates, then click on Language Arts templates then scroll down to other templates and you'll see Storyboard 8 panel. Click on it and print out. In each box, draw your visual then write your copy (script) in the spaces below. Remember to add notes about music or sound effects.

 Will your trailer GARNER THE DESIRED RESPONSE? Did you remember that LESS IS MORE?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thrid Period October 20, 2011

Today started out with the morning announcements and then the...
"Hello Everybody!" "Hello Smith!"

     The next thing that happened was announcements from our class: 
  • Macy told us about the food drive and her choir class.  She wants us to bring in cans, non-perishable food (cereal, mac and cheese etc.) and money donations; if possible.  The school goal is to get 500 filled boxes by end of next Friday.  Mrs. Smith came up with an idea for our class, $10 per kid and give the money to Macy by Monday. Mrs. Smith will bake up a storm for us! 
  • Liz had an announcement for animoto. Smith’s account is full. Liz created another one.  The redemption code is: A4eericf5dac6f
  • Sophia posted a blog on Mrs. Smith's wall.  You can post any questions you have about the movie trailer and Mrs. Frisky will answer them.
We then had a great fishbowl today!  You can refer to the blog post to clue in on our discussion.

Our Homework!
  • read 137-179 and 3questions (due Monday) 
  • read banned book 
  • symbolic element- (due Monday)
  • SAT (1-6) quiz tomorrow- word and definition
  • Work on movie trailer
  • 3 weeks of all our work is up on line!!

Scribe 5th hour October 20, 2011

Class, we had a fantastic fishbowl today covering pages 92-136 in Fahrenheit 451. Check out the blog to review all the thought provoking comments and questions. :D

When Ms. Smith polled the class about how everyone felt about the current due date for the symbolic project, there was an unanimous “oh no”. She kindly gave us an extension so the project is now due on Monday October 24th.

Remember to study for the SAT vocab test tomorrow over chapters 1-6.


study for the SAT vocab quiz tomorrow over chapters 1-6

read pages 137-179 and bring 3 questions to the fishbowl, due Monday

symbolic project due Monday

banned book project due October 31

Mrs. Friskey - Questions and Tips :)

Hey guys! This is a page where you can post any questions or you need some tips from Mrs. Friskey (my mom). She will be using my account, so if you see a response from me, it is actually my mom.

451 92-136 Period 5

451 92-136 Period 3

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wednesday 19th, October 5th Block Scribe!

The class started of with the banal, "Hello Class!" and the quick reply, "Hello Smith!"
Because of the PLC Late Start, it was a very ephemeral class period! Here is what we have for homework:
  • Read our banned book (try to read about 20 pages a night)
  • Read 91-136 (3 questions due tomorrow)
  • Symbolic element
  • Review SAT 5 and 6
Also today, we have the special privilege of having Mrs. Frisky come in to talk to us about our

Movie Trailers!

Here were some of the tips she bestowed upon us:

  • Mention/present your product and share its information/benefits in the best creative way to garner the desired response!
  • (Mention product) The name of the movie
  • (Info/Benefits) Plot points or cool prestige elements such as the director's or actor's names.
  • (Creative) Exciting editing, clever copy, memorable scenes or dialogue, compelling music
  • (Desired Response) TICKET SALES!
  • Include sensory elements to the movie trailer!
  • And lastly, LESS IS MORE!
Before we know it, the bell rings but before we leave, we give a quick thank you to Mrs. Frisky!